Making Sense of Macros

In this, the third part of “Eating Clean & Getting Fat”, I will describe a simple approach to allocating your Total Daily Calorie Expenditure across Macronutrients. Sounds far more technical (and perhaps complicated) than it actually is! Understanding a few key principles will enable you to set daily goals for yourself and identify a sensible […]

Boris to launch ‘war on fat’…

I’m sure I read a previous study (circa early April 2020) that had found 70% of CV patients in intensive care were clinically obese. Not sure if that was global or UK. 

Open For Business!

Pleased to say that from the 13th May I will be resuming one to one Coaching Services for both Runners and for people seeking help with General Fitness. As you can imagine, in order to comply with current Government guidelines, there will be some modifications to the format of services that I can offer. But […]

How Much is Enough?

Following on from my previous post in this series, Eating Clean & Getting Fat, which debunked the notion of Unicorns whilst also suggesting two key principles that if followed will provide control over your weight, guaranteed. In this post I will start to fill in some of the blanks. The first question we need to […]

An Apple A Day…

Rock and Roll Saturday Night

Short Lived Pain – Sugar Free Day 2

A quick update on the Sugar withdrawal scenario… Extremely short lived! Similar to any other craving, distraction works as a great way to ‘be strong’. So what does today look like?

Cold Turkey

No, not a blog post suggesting a sandwich filling! But rather a short ramble whist sitting here in a state of withdrawal from my favourite drug… Sugar.

Let loose in the kitchen!

OK, this might not win any prizes in the Great British Bake off or indeed get me an invite onto Masterchef, but it was super easy to make and tastes extremely good! Therefore I consider this a big win 🙂

Tofu Kimchi Stir-Fry

This fusion of Korean and Japanese flavors is jumpy with attention grabbers: fiery kimchi, nutty tasting soba, and a punchy sauce. Plus, studies show that eating more plant-based protein like tofu is a recipe for longevity.

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