Performance Coaching for Runners

For all abilities and aspirations. Coaching packages to take your running to the next level.

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What is Performance Coaching?

Faster. Further. Stronger.

Performance Coaching is a science led approach to sports training, allowing you to break through plateaus and achieve new personal bests.

Your unique programme will provide you with knowledge, session plans, advice and inspiration to unlock your potential.

A Professional Coach will analyse every aspect of your current ability. This analysis then drives your unique training plan which will include physical and technical training in running, nutrition, strength & conditioning as well as detailed event planning.

I very much recommend Ed as a coach.
He is Inspiring, knowledgeable and very organised.
As a Personal Trainer, running coach or sharing triathlon skills and training I would recommend Ed’s services…..

Making the difference

All training programmes will help you improve and obtain value from the time you spend training. But what makes the real difference is your coach… So why work with Ed?


Thoughtfully applying proven scientific principles coupled with a detailed profile of your performance and physiology. You benefit from a dynamic and evolving programme that is specific to you.


Open, honest and invested in your success.
Structured goal setting, planning and unlimited communication to ensure you are on track and never training ‘alone’.


First hand experience of my own transformation, as well as previously combining my training with a corporate career, lets me provide coaching that works in the real world.

How to get started

Programmes to fit you.

Where do you want to be? A new Personal Best, crossing your first finish line, or becoming a truly competitive athlete? 

Your coaching programme will start with identifying your goals, understanding your situation and assessing your current performance ability.  
Blended coaching with daily training session review. Designed for the experienced athlete that is seeking intensive coaching in preparation for competition.

Remote coaching with unlimited support and weekly session analysis. Perfect for athletes that are more time constrained and seeking less intensive input.

Light touch remote coaching for athletes who are keen to take responsibility for their own training but value access to professional support and a bespoke monthly programme.

Ed is highly qualified and knowledgable in all things triathlon as well as additional fitness qualifications and nutrition. Highly motivating with mini challenges as well as serious training, he’s definitely the guy to get you triathlon results because of his all-round approach.