Performance Coaching for Runners

Distance Coaching Programmes for Runners of all abilities. Improve your running technique, develop strength and improve your nutrition.

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What is Performance Coaching?

Faster. Further. Stronger.

Performance Coaching is a science led approach to sports training, allowing you to break through plateaus and achieve your potential.

Each programme is completely bespoke. An important aspect of the coaching I provide is to offer education as to why a certain training approach is being used. This will add to your knowledge and help you make more informed choices when out training.

Performance Coaching recognises the importance of taking a holistic approach to sports development. The programmes I offer are tiered, allowing for self-sufficient athletes to obtain the specific support they need and others to subscribe to a comprehensive package.

I very much recommend Ed as a coach.
He is Inspiring, knowledgeable and very organised.
As a Personal Trainer, running coach or sharing triathlon skills and training I would recommend Ed’s services…..

How to get started

Programmes to fit you.

Where do you want to be? A new Personal Best, crossing your first finish line, or becoming a truly competitive athlete and building on previous success? 

Your coaching programme will start with identifying your goals, understanding your situation and assessing your current performance ability.  With a comprehensive analysis in place, I can build your first block of bespoke training.

Ed is highly qualified and knowledgable in all things triathlon as well as additional fitness qualifications and nutrition. Highly motivating with mini challenges as well as serious training, he’s definitely the guy to get you triathlon results because of his all-round approach.