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Beginner’s Guide to Running Faster

Runners Plateau, break through Zone 3

Struggling to improve your run performance despite consistent and varied training sessions? The only thing that is increasing is your constant fatigue… Whilst your performance and your motivation are heading south. The chances are you are ending up in the grey area; otherwise known as zone 3 wilderness. How do you get out of this […]

Shin Splints, what you need to know.

Shin Splints, or more correctly Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), is a very common running related ailment and particularly common in newer runners but not exclusively. Before applying the information in this blog post, be aware that the information is general and therefore may or may not be appropriate for you. Also, there are other […]

New to running? How to get started

Why Do I Get a Stitch?

This ├╝st surely rank in the top five questions that I get asked each week. And yet, infuriatingly, I can never answer it properly and have to concede that I really don’t know. Of course there is nothing wrong with not knowing, but given it is asked so frequently you would think I would have […]

How to Get Back Into Running

We all know that for many of us not running (even when injured) is just not something we “do”. Not saying it is right, but we all know that is the reality! But sometimes we DO stop running… We might burn out and effectively be mentally “injured” or we develop a an injury that is […]

Beginners Guide to Running

How Run Fit Are You?

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