Tasty Little Snax!

I know that some of you are a bit of a whiz in the kitchen, create bread from basically flour and water, not to mention converting vegetables into delightful meals 😉 Well whilst I am CERTAINLY NOT in that league… I have had a few little gastronomical successes that I wanted to share. 

You could think of these as “fitness” / “Energy” fuel… Or you could be honest an see them as tasty little snacks to have with a cup of tea or coffee! Either way they are ridiculously easy to make, do not require an oven and are not laden with added sugar or fat. So in a sense they are “healthy” (what ever that means in terms of food!).

Whilst I have included some basic nutritional information, this is only an approximate guide based on the specific brands of products that I used, and was produced using myFitnessPal (so not properly scientific analysis).

Similarly the Gluten Free / Vegan one makes the assumption you use Gluten free products (I know… But these days you don’t know who might read this and poison themselves!)


(just click on the links below to download each recipe)


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