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Why Masters Cyclists Should Focus on Strength Training

As we age our bodies tend to lose muscle mass and bone density diminishes. But as athletes, and particularly cyclists, it is important to minimise this effect of ageing and maintain strong muscles and good bone density. In this post I want to look at how strength training can help Masters cyclists maintain a lifelong […]

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How to fit your strength training in

If you struggle to be consistent with your Strength workouts each week, and if they are the first casualty of needing to drop something, then a technique called “habit stacking” could be the solution you need.  So what is habit stacking all about?

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Strength & Conditioning for cyclists

Calling all cyclists! I have written four Strength & Conditioning workouts specifically with cyclists in mind. Freely available at   Requires absolutely minimal equipment so very easy to do at home for most people. And each exercise has a demonstration video incase you are not too sure how to do it. (Watching the video’s is […]

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England’s National Food Strategy… Really?

I have been following today’s news agenda around obesity and food with some interest… but also with my head in my hands in mild despair. Whilst I appreciate the intentions are well meaning, yet again the Government and it’s trusty advisors are missing the point and going about this in a hopelessly ineffective way. Castigating […]

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Surviving hey fever for runners

The last few weeks have been absolutely gorgeous here in the U.K. And I am sure that we have all been getting out there (smothered in sunblock) to enjoy some warm weather running. Maybe too hot for some? But if you are a hey fever sufferer then you might have been suffering particularly badly, with […]

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Strength Training for runners & cyclists : pros & cons

There is little doubt that Strength & Conditioning workouts are very much in vogue with runners and cyclists. But, as Endurance athletes, it might actually be counter productive to spend time in the gym? As with all things fitness there is no single definitive answer, so in this post I will discuss some considerations and […]

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New Group Challenge Feature in Strava

Perhaps a little late, as this would have been perfect for the never ending stream of “lockdown challenges”, but it is still a very cool feature and one that I think I will be using immediately. So what are Strava Group Challenges all about?

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L2 Cycling Coach at your service!

2020 might have been light on event medals, but it did provide a lot of time to bolster the CV with “qualifications” and this is my newest shiny certificate that arrived today 😁 So now I can “officially” add Cycle Coaching to the comprehensive list of ways I can help you!   —————- Seem to […]

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Understanding Training Data (part 2)

Following from my previous post, this time we dive further into the “data lake”. If you are into IT you will see what I did there! Luckily I don’t make my living as a comedian! So without further preamble…

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For those of you in England, 17th May sees a number go changes to what is permissible in terms of returning to “sport” post COViD lockdown. The following highlights are taken from the Sport England FAQ page (as at 14th May). Link to their page is at the end of the extract. Please note that […]