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The BIG Day

So 19th July 2021 is the big day here in the U.K. then… The BIG DAY my new fitness app goes live (At least you can depend on ONE thing happening on that day )

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New Group Challenge Feature in Strava

Perhaps a little late, as this would have been perfect for the never ending stream of “lockdown challenges”, but it is still a very cool feature and one that I think I will be using immediately. So what are Strava Group Challenges all about?

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For those of you in England, 17th May sees a number go changes to what is permissible in terms of returning to “sport” post COViD lockdown. The following highlights are taken from the Sport England FAQ page (as at 14th May). Link to their page is at the end of the extract. Please note that […]

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Are you missing out on Strava Perks?

If you are a Strava Premium member, nowadays just called a subscriber, have you viewed the included additional services recently? If not you might be missing out on some worthwhile freebies that could more than justify the cost of subscription. For instance, free insurance…

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Standing by Principles

On Saturday 31st October you will all be aware that the Government announced more stringent measures to try and arrest the accelerated spread of Coronvirus in England. In light of this I wanted to provide a brief update on the changes I will be making as a result.

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Another Coaching Certificate!

In addition to studying for my L2 Nutrition Certificate, one of my other lockdown projects was to upgrade my “Coach in Run Fitness” to qualifying as an “Event Group Coach” with England Athletic. Having started studying back in April (what I thought might take six weeks) turned out to be A LOT more in-depth… But […]


2020 Ambassador for SunDried

Very pleased to have been selected to join the Ambassador Programme at SunDried and will be working with them for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. As part of this I agreement, I can offer my friends and followers a special discount code worth 50% off when you buy direct from their website!

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Gyms opening in July? Socially Distanced Swimming?

Hmmm… “Social Distanced Swimming” and enhanced sanitisation. Really?!?!!? I have heard some crazy ideas during the lockdown, and I thought “5G masts” had found new depths of crazy, but then I read an article on the BBC site suggesting gyms could re-open in July.

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Boris to launch ‘war on fat’…

I’m sure I read a previous study (circa early April 2020) that had found 70% of CV patients in intensive care were clinically obese. Not sure if that was global or UK. 

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Open For Business!

Pleased to say that from the 13th May I will be resuming one to one Coaching Services for both Runners and for people seeking help with General Fitness. As you can imagine, in order to comply with current Government guidelines, there will be some modifications to the format of services that I can offer. But […]