Boris to launch ‘war on fat’…

I’m sure I read a previous study (circa early April 2020) that had found 70% of CV patients in intensive care were clinically obese. Not sure if that was global or UK. 

I absolutely believe that the vast majority of people are already fully aware of the health implications of obesity. Therefore reinforcing an ineffective message is a complete waste of time. 

Absolutely anyone can loose weight. It’s not rocket science!! But it is a bit of a faff and nuisance to get started. Therefore, to achieve long term success, there has to be a genuine, and personal, motivating factor. And if we are honest, “being healthy” is highly unlikely to motivate anyone. It just comes across as so sanctimonious, patronising and condescending to a lot of obese people. I know this from first hand personal experience. 

There is no quick fix to obesity, especially NOT diet shakes, patches or pills 🙄 But also it is completely possible to change one’s physique and lose fat and tone up. I also know this from first hand experience.

Coming from a professional in the Health and Fitness world, and someone who’s business it is to help people Lose Weight (Lose Weight, Tone Up, Feel Amazing), it may sound strange to hear me say that the last thing we need to be doing is ‘launching a war’ on obese people. In my opinion, all that will do is cause further alienation, resentment and perpetuate the problem. Perhaps we need to think a little smarter about this. Actually forget ‘smarter’, perhaps we just need to think full stop!

Photo Credit : The Times Online from this original article 


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