Standing by Principles

On Saturday 31st October you will all be aware that the Government announced more stringent measures to try and arrest the accelerated spread of Coronvirus in England. In light of this I wanted to provide a brief update on the changes I will be making as a result.

I have choosen to cancel all group fitness and group run coaching – with immediate effect.

Whilst I appreciate that the legislation won’t come into effect until Thursday 5th November, and even then there might be some “technical exemptions” that might let me carry on coaching groups, the bottom line is it is not the right thing to do. And if it were not for the mechanics of enacting laws, then I am sure the new restrictions would be in effect already.

My view is that we are all being asked to minimise our daily physical contacts with others, by excluding everything that is non-essential. Whilst people can pour over the fine detail of “rules”, the real over arching message seems incredibly simple to me.

I do believe that, especially now, fitness and exercise is probably more important than ever. But there are safer options than group fitness activities. I will be continuing with limited one to one outdoor coaching as I see this as significantly less risk than groups, and can be much more controlled and distanced. Also one to one coaching remains legally permissible. 



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