Are you missing out on Strava Perks?

If you are a Strava Premium member, nowadays just called a subscriber, have you viewed the included additional services recently? If not you might be missing out on some worthwhile freebies that could more than justify the cost of subscription. For instance, free insurance…

The particular perk that caught my eye was Sundays Insurance. Three main benefits are available to you:

  • Device Damage. If you are unlucky enough to crash your pride and joy, and you are tracking the activity on Strava, you could be entitled to £350 (gbp) repair or replacement cover for your tracking device. As I understand it this is limited to the head unit rather than repair to the bike, but still if you have just trashed your Garmin 1050 then it would be helpful.
  • Taxi Fare. For me this is the biggie! I often wonder about how I would get home after a catastrophic mechanical miles away from home. Because of my personal circumstances this would often have to involve a taxi ride. I was very pleased to read that I can now recover cab fares up to £30 (GBP). Might not cover the whole fare but it’s something for nothing!
  • Run Entry Fees. I have a real problem with entry fees charged by some events, often charging top tier entry fees for what is really a low budget local cheap event. Therefore I certainly don’t tick the “include insurance” box… Sundays are including free fee insurance (acute injury or illness) up to a value of £75 (GBP) for running events. Of course it doesn’t cover the myriad of more common reasons people cancel… such as something better has come up or the ‘forgot’ to train and have now run out of time!

Just a little caution, which I am sure you are all wise too. There is no such thing as “free” in life. If you are not paying for a service with your cash then you will almost certainly be paying with your data. And this is no different. To activate the account they require you to connect them to your Strava account.

On balance I decided that the kind of data I was sharing with them is pretty much already in the public domain, and I liked the look of the £30 taxi fare insurance. Activating your perk is quick and easy. Literally only takes a minute. To save you time hunting around login in to your Strava account, “Explore” then “Subscriber Perks”…

If you find yourself with a trashed bike and too far to walk and nobody to find you might be pleased to be able to claim your cab ride and also the damage to your all important Garmin device!

In case you were wondering, I have no commercial affiliation with either Strava or Sundays (in other words nobody has paid me to write this!). Just thought it might be useful to some of you.

See you on Strava 🙂

About Ed

Ed Stivala is an England Athletic qualified Event Group Coach specialising in Endurance Events. This is the most senior coaching qualification currently awarded to Coaches by England Athletic. His practice specialises in performance coaching for runners: online or face to face. He also hold qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition and Swim Instruction.