Did you know that Strava offer a Student discount on their paid subscription? And it’s a good one!

You get 50% off if you are a Student – I think that is pretty good and I had completely missed it somehow, hence sharing it here for others.

Are you eligible?

In most countries, if you’re enrolled at an accredited college or university and 16 or older, then you’re eligible. In some countries, high schoolers are also eligible. Click here for more details.

What will you be charged?

You’ll receive a one-time charge equal to half the cost of our subscription (cost varies by location). This has you covered for one full year.

What if you didn’t know and have already subscribed?

Tough! Unfortunately, if you have an active subscription, you won’t be able to take advantage of the student plan until your current subscription expires. Learn more.

What happens when you graduate?

When you subscribe, you lock in student pricing for 1 year. You can also re-verify your eligibility when the year ends, for a maximum of 3 additional years (4 years total). If you can’t re-verify at the end of any 1-year period, you’ll no longer have access to student pricing and will renew at the standard rate unless you cancel your subscription.

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