BODY SCAN at home

My inner geek got quite excited this week when an email from WITHINGS arrived in my inbox. Not the usual weekly update on what my bodyweight is doing, but a very impressive new device they have just announced. The Withings BODY SCAN Connected Health Station. What does it do? How will this humble device transform […]

Garmin Barcode App

STRAVA Paid for Subscription. Worth it?

A client recently asked about STRAVA’s paid for subscription and whether it was worth while upgrading. Decided to document my answer as a blog post for future reference as I imagine a number of people ask themselves this. Using Strava? I would love to connect with you! Ed on Strava (You might inspire to run […]

The BIG Day

Understanding Training Data (part 2)

Following from my previous post, this time we dive further into the “data lake”. If you are into IT you will see what I did there! Luckily I don’t make my living as a comedian! So without further preamble…

Athlete Availability in TrainingPeaks Premium

TrainingPeaks have added a new Premium feature: Athletes Availability. This enables Athletes to add their training availability to their TrainingPeaks calendar and therefore streamlining the planning process and saving both Athletes and Coaches time in avoiding re-scheduling sessions. Super easy to use and another reason to upgrade to Premium…

Understanding VO2 Max and how to improve it.

It happened again this morning, the scientists behind the scenes at Garmin confirmed (once again I might add!) that I am indeed “superior”! But friends and regular followers will of course already know that 😉  In seriousness though, what can we learn from VO2 Max on our fitness watch? In fact what is it anyway […]

Online Training – An Eco System of Apps

“There is an App for that”… If you have been around a while and saw the early rise of smart phones that could load and run bespoke applications, you will probably remember the expression. And when it comes to participation sport, there is no shortage of “apps” to help you stay engaged. track your progress […]

TrainingPeaks – Why Use It?

When it comes to logging, tracking and sharing “training data” there really are no shortage of options! As you might expect they all offer a slightly different focus and therefore provide you with different value. For many people, it is about building the right “eco-system” of apps and software. This post offers you my thoughts […]

Giving Kudos to the masses

Have you ever participated in a large event (maybe a race or even just a Zwift ride) and afterwards you receive Kudos on Strava from lots of other participants? I have always wanted to do the social thing and return the gesture. But can take soooo long to individually give Strava Kudos. Particularly when there […]

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