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This fusion of Korean and Japanese flavors is jumpy with attention grabbers: fiery kimchi, nutty tasting soba, and a punchy sauce. Plus, studies show that eating more plant-based protein like tofu is a recipe for longevity. 00

Made using roasted immature wheat, Middle Eastern freekeh is a smoky-tasting whole grain that is high in protein and fiber. A creamy tahini dressing rounds out the dish. 00

Give your stir-fry some Latin flare with this fajita incarnation that is packed with muscle-building protein and the immune-boosting vitamin C found in bell peppers and mango. The stir-fry can also be scooped into corn tortillas for a twist on …

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This Scandinavian inspired dish incorporates some of the most notable elements of the health-hiking Nordic diet, namely, omega-3 rich salmon, vegetables and whole grains. And sneaking in some sauerkraut offers up gut-friendly probiotics. 00

This fuss-free stir-fry that’s imbued with a flavorful Indian essence is high in dietary fiber to make it extra filling and heart-healthy. To make it vegan, simply omit the yogurt. 00

So having bored everyone for several months about ‘Alpe D’Huez’ I have withdrawn my entry. Bit of a change of heart?

Dear iPad, Another coffee shop moment. Another reflection on life… After months, years even, of good health I seem to have had several brushes with the medical profession recently. I know I can have a propensity to be a demanding …

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Dear iPad, I fear we are!! Blenheim is just the round the corner then we will be hitting Heaver sooner than you can say unprepared triathlete! I know that everyone says they haven’t training enough, to trust the plan, to …

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“Well Mr Stivala, I am not sure as your X-RAY is a little inconclusive but I would say you have a fractured scaphoid…” This is soooo not what I wanted to hear 🙁 The conversation should have gone “Man up …

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Unhappy attempt at being an outdoor swimmer

Apparently the lake at Alpe D’Huez is a bit fresh and I am not the best in the cold. So very sensibly decided to venture down to Box End early this morning to practice swimming in cooler open water… What …

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