John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) has partnered with fitness tech firm Ocuray to create a neurofitness training wearable designed specifically for tennis. 

Ocuray will work with JMTA to adapt its Falcon Frames tech solution to the specific requirements of the sport. 

Falcon Frames is a vision-based wearable with built-in gaze-tracking that analyses eye movement and uses a dynamic linear light field array with retina-tracking guide lights to give visual cues on where to look, in real-time. 

The wearable can be used while training and has been designed not to distract the user from the activity. 

It interfaces with a smartphone app that allows the user to follow preset training routines with increasingly challenging settings, set goals, track progress, compare performance with others, or train with the guidance of a coach. 

It can also integrate with existing health and wellness apps.

Utilising Falcon Frames, the team will develop a set of training routines best suited for tennis, where players face average incoming serve speeds of 160km/h (100 mph) and absorb, process and analyse information on ball flight, distance to net and lines – as well as the position of the opponent – in a split second.

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