The Coombe 8

Caffeine and Endurance Athletes

Race 6 of 9 Thruxton

Race 5 of 9 Box End Duathlon

Want to bike faster? Three easy tips

For most cyclists, and in that I include Duathletes and Triathletes, the most basic but fundamental question is, “How can I get faster on the bike?” There is a wealth of information and “training plans” available online – but honestly most are far too over engineered and just too complex for the average busy athlete […]

Beginner’s Guide to Running Faster

Race 4 of 9 St. Neots Duathlon

Hmmm… rubbish performance at a very average event, I think sums up my thoughts for the 2022 St. Neots Duathlon. Admittedly from a social point of view it was lovely to catch up with some old friends. And yes, I made some new friends too. So why so miserable about it?

Improving FTP with more Zone 2

Runners Plateau, break through Zone 3

Struggling to improve your run performance despite consistent and varied training sessions? The only thing that is increasing is your constant fatigue… Whilst your performance and your motivation are heading south. The chances are you are ending up in the grey area; otherwise known as zone 3 wilderness. How do you get out of this […]

Race 3 of 9 Slateman Duathlon

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