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MK Half Marathon 6th May 2019

It transpires that I am incapable of using a race as purely a training event! The plan for today was to run a steady even pace and use it as my long run for the week. This changed a few

New Running Shoes

Should have been the happiest day of my life. Worn out another pair of trainers so just been to a local independent sports shop (who stock Brooks and OC) to buy a new pair… I tried to support the high

New 5k PB :)

Had a go at running a 5k this weekend to see what my flat out time would be. This I guess I can then use when people say “run at your 5k pace”… Anyway, had a great suggestion to use

The mud, the tears and the cupcakes…

Having run a whopping THREE cross countries I can hardly class myself as a ‘vet’ or any form of expert. But it has given me a taster and I think I ‘get it’ now. If you are thinking of giving

My big race for 2019

Triathlon Alpe D’Huez Lots of training to do before I get to the start line, but then that’s half the fun right? I gather that this is quite a tough race… Makes it worth doing 😉 I have yet to

Embracing The Mud

I shall start with an apology, if you follow my instagram feed then you may already have read the gist of this post. What can I say… Other than read it here too, there will be much more to smile

Cross Country? Not a chance…

I don’t do mud and I do not run off road. I don’t like getting wet or cold and I am not keen on uneven surfaces… Therefore I REALLY do not do Cross Country. Except I am on Sunday… I