3 Tips to help you achieve your Fitness Goals

It really doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, it could be weight loss or a podium finish in a race, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you consistently take the right steps to keep moving you closer to it. And the key word in that last sentence is CONSISTENT, which is […]

Why Do I Get a Stitch?

This ├╝st surely rank in the top five questions that I get asked each week. And yet, infuriatingly, I can never answer it properly and have to concede that I really don’t know. Of course there is nothing wrong with not knowing, but given it is asked so frequently you would think I would have […]

10 Things to tell yourself when you need motivation.

Sometimes we all have “one of those days”, when getting out of the door to exercise / train / move about with purpose (call it what you like!) is just the hardest thing in the world. You know that at some point you will feel like this, so what will you do to overcome it?

3 Ways to Improve Performance by Changing Your Mindset

Targeted Fat Loss or “Spot Training”

Understanding Tempo in Strength Training

In the beginning we are delighted that we can lift that dumbbell safely (your workout doesn’t conclude in casualty, which is a good thing). You refine your form. You become consistent. You even throw in a few more exotic variations of the classics (get you!). Life is good! So you explore “intensity” by either increasing […]

Eating the Elephant

Wanting to loose a lot of weight or getting back into shape (when it has honestly been years) can feel so completely overwhelming no matter how sincere the desire. And frankly the older we are the more enormous, and perhaps even unrealistic, the task appears to be. In fact so unobtainable that we may end […]

Perimenopause & Training

In this blog, I would like to discuss the role of exercise in women approaching their menopause. Whilst strength training is often not adopted naturally by this population, arguably women entering the perimenopause phase of their life are the very people that need it most, therefore my focus is on strength training rather than cardio. […]

How Run Fit Are You?

Why Masters Cyclists Should Focus on Strength Training

As we age our bodies tend to lose muscle mass and bone density diminishes. But as athletes, and particularly cyclists, it is important to minimise this effect of ageing and maintain strong muscles and good bone density. In this post I want to look at how strength training can help Masters cyclists maintain a lifelong […]

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