Month: July 2020

Legs & Core Combo

Nothing too fancy or complicated – I put this together for myself to do at home with minimal kit. If you fancy having a go you can freely download the attached PDF which has instructions for each exercise. 

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GP’s to ‘prescribe’ cycling? And once again we miss the point!

Without wishing to be over cynical, this really stands no chance at all of making any meaningful impact. Which is a shame as people will die. Please don’t misunderstand, as someone that coaches cycling, nothing would make me happier than every obese person in the UK waking up tomorrow and deciding they want lose weight […]

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Tasty Little Snax!

I know that some of you are a bit of a whiz in the kitchen, create bread from basically flour and water, not to mention converting vegetables into delightful meals 😉 Well whilst I am CERTAINLY NOT in that league… I have had a few little gastronomical successes that I wanted to share. 

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