Legs & Core Combo

Nothing too fancy or complicated – I put this together for myself to do at home with minimal kit. If you fancy having a go you can freely download the attached PDF which has instructions for each exercise. 

Mostly bodyweight and a little resistance (which you could improvise using a book or small dog [JOKE!]). I happen to have some resistance tubes and a medicine ball or three at home, so I used those.

Decided to included some hamstring curls using a Swiss ball but you could change this for a variety of other hamstring exercises. Definitely do something with your hamstrings though.

I find the killer in this set is the reverse plank!

You should obvioulsy adapt the suggested reps / sets up or down based on your current strength and ability. I have programmed this for me.

If you need any help modifying the workout or if something is not clear send me a message and very happy to help you if I can.

Enjoy 🙂

Legs & Core Workout

DISCLAIMER : By downloading this workout you agree that you are using it at your own risk. This has not been designed specifically for you. If you are unsure how to performa a specific exercise then ASK before you attempt it. Using bodyweight and resistance exercises can lead to injury if performed incorrectly. If you are feeling unwell do not exercise. If you feel unwell or any pain during a workout then STOP. Use your common sense 😉


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