• Running Injury Risks

    Running Injury Risks

    There are numerous health benefits to running, but of course it also carries an inherent degree of injury risk. Most injuries arise from overuse rather than trauma. Broadly, there are three main categories of risk considered to cause running injuries: biomechanical factors, anatomical factors and training error. Over the course of the next few blogs…

  • Worry About What You Can Control

    Worry About What You Can Control

    Focus on the variables you can control. Whist this is tried and tested advice, should we just ignore the uncontrollable factors? Better is understand the opportunities some of these factors offer and then take advantage to improve our plans.

  • What is Exercise Referral in the world of Fitness?

    What is Exercise Referral in the world of Fitness?

    Why do some clients choose to work with an Exercise Referral specialist rather than a basic PT? Even if not under specific clinical care, some clients feel that employing an Exercise Referral specialist is preferable as it gives them additional piece of mind regarding the advice they are receiving and the skills of the professional…

  • Temperature Control

    Temperature Control

    Humans are homeothermic creatures, meaning that our internal body temperature must be maintained within a narrow range for us to survive. This can be challenging when faced with extreme temperatures. During exercise, heat is generated and needs to be eliminated from the body in order to maintain our core temperature with acceptable limits. If this…

  • Understanding Cellular Respiration

    Understanding Cellular Respiration

    Fat adaption, increasing our lactate threshold, endurance training… all terms we have heard, probably used, and have some understanding of. But do we really know how all these concepts join together? Getting into the detail of Energy Systems helps us become better athletes and train more effectively and with purpose.

  • Powering Running

    Powering Running

    Understanding the relationship between the food we eat and how this eventual becomes a molecule of energy that fuels a muscle contraction is complex. But the more we learn about this the better equipped we are to plan our nutrition and understand our bodies capabilities.

  • Train with others to elevate your success

    Train with others to elevate your success

    Those who train together, succeed together. Discover how training in groups or with a buddy could be the key to your fitness success.

  • Runners Guide to Muscles

    Runners Guide to Muscles

    Having a basic understanding of muscles helps us as runners understand what is going on! By which I mean how we move when we run, avoiding injuries and how to focus our training; both strength & conditioning as well as run training.

  • Why Strava will derail your training

    Why Strava will derail your training

    We all love Strava right? And I include myself in that. Over the years they have developed the platform, made it ever more sticky and really understood gamification. The net result being that it is a truly engaging user experience, it drives massive loyalty and has quite clearly established itself as the social media platform…

  • Want to improve your 5k time?

    Want to improve your 5k time?

    There is something special about your 5k personal best time, and tends to be the one number that most runners know. Perhaps it is because it is more attainable than focusing on marathon PB’s, maybe it’s because for many runners their journey started with Couch 2 5k, or perhaps it’s all about the mushroom growth…

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