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How to fit your strength training in

If you struggle to be consistent with your Strength workouts each week, and if they are the first casualty of needing to drop something, then a technique called “habit stacking” could be the solution you need.  So what is habit stacking all about?


SufferFest – a different take on virtual training

As you may already know, armed with me shiny new SMART turbo I attempted to join the virtual cycling world of Zwift. A rather disappointing experience to say the least. However after some badgering from my ‘friends’ I have decided to try out some of the virtual cycling / training apps. Today I tried out […]

Coaching Cycling

Zwift the saga continues

A second attempt at falling in lust with Zwift… Nope that failed too. Not so much as a head turn or slight interest let alone lust, passion or love! I seem to have managed to get a bit further with it in that not only is my trainer connected,  but I managed to find something […]