• ZWIFT Play dedicated game controller designed for Zwift

    ZWIFT Play dedicated game controller designed for Zwift

    It’s a very fine line between using gamification to enhance engagement with FitTech and essentially creating a sports themed game; which is about winning the game not winning at health and fitness. So I read the latest announcement from Zwift with interest. What have they said?

  • Zwift bites back with new partnership

    I am no fan of Zwift… As anyone that either reads this blog or follows my Facebook page will know only too well by now! However even I have to concede that their recent announcement; a partnership with British Cycling, does take the debate in a completely different direction. As as an ex-digital strategist, I…

  • Zwift the saga continues

    A second attempt at falling in lust with Zwift… Nope that failed too. Not so much as a head turn or slight interest let alone lust, passion or love! I seem to have managed to get a bit further with it in that not only is my trainer connected, ┬ábut I managed to find something…

  • A first foray into Zwift

    Having unpacked my fancy new turbo the obvious next step was to sign up for a trial with Zwift. It certainly seems all the craze and as a bit of techno Geek I felt compelled to explore it’s virtual tarmac. These are my thoughts on my first ride…

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