I am no fan of Zwift… As anyone that either reads this blog or follows my Facebook page will know only too well by now! However even I have to concede that their recent announcement; a partnership with British Cycling, does take the debate in a completely different direction. As as an ex-digital strategist, I have to doff my cap to this move. It really does blur the line between physical and virtual in a well thought out way. For sure it will increase take-up of the Zwift platform. With increased take up comes increased opportunity to monetise the platform. A potentially golden future for Swift then. But what is this new partnership all about?

British Cycling in partnership with Zwift will launch of a new virtual reality championship. The competition, which is planned to start in February, will enable cyclists to compete in a simulated 3D environment by using their bike, a turbo trainer and the Zwift app all from the comfort of their shed, garage or back bedroom.

The eRacing Championships will be open to all UK riders and will comprise a series of qualifying rounds leading to a live final event between the top-ranked riders from each age and gender category. It will of course be interesting to see how well some of them transition to the real world! But in seriousness, my guess is EXTREMELY well. Most of the Zwift users that I know are all very accomplished and capable cyclists on the very real tarmac!

Read the full story on The Guardian website.

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