Athlete Availability in TrainingPeaks Premium

TrainingPeaks have added a new Premium feature: Athletes Availability. This enables Athletes to add their training availability to their TrainingPeaks calendar and therefore streamlining the planning process and saving both Athletes and Coaches time in avoiding re-scheduling sessions. Super easy to use and another reason to upgrade to Premium…

How to use Athlete Availability

  1. From your Premium Athlete account, navigate to the TrainingPeaks calendar.
  2. Select the ‘+’ icon on the day to which you’d like to add unavailability.
  3. From the pop-up window, select “Availability.”
  4. An Availability Wizard opens. 
  5. Choose the date range for days you are unavailable to train.  By default, TrainingPeaks creates one day of unavailability.  Change the date range to add more. 
  6. If desired, type in a description of why the day is unavailable for better communication with your coach.
  7. When finished, save.
  8. The day of unavailability appears on your TrainingPeaks calendar. 

Don’t have a TrainingPeaks Premium Account?

TrainingPeaks is a world leading coaching platform that provides actionable insights from each Run or Bike session. Coupled with a Human (yes a real person not a computer script!) Coach to help you interpret the data and plan your training, you will make the most progress, less errors and cut the risk of injury significantly.

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Ed Stivala is an England Athletic qualified Event Group Coach specialising in Endurance Events. His practice specialises in performance coaching for runners of all levels. He also holds qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition and Swim Instruction. 
When not Coaching, he competes in Duathlon and plays golf very badly!