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Inspired by the weather to get moving and be active? Feeling motivated to perhaps start running? Or maybe you already run but have your sights set on a longer distance or smashing that Personal Best? Where ever you are in your ‘running thoughts’, you will find a programme here to suit you. Plenty of Summer time weather left, so what are you waiting for!!

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Couch to Runner Programme

Run Improver Programme 

One to One Coaching Options 

Couch to Runner in 8 Weeks

Suitable for complete beginners, novice runners or those seeking to return from long term injury.

The cost for the eight week programme is £40.00, payable on signing up. The course runs from Tuesday 18th August (finishing 6th October) We will meet at Harrold Country Park MK43 7DS, Bedfordshire at 18:30.

The ideal way to get fitter, discover a sociable hobby, and learn to run properly! This programme has had some amazing results with new runners achieving 7k and more before the end of the programme. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT Couch to 5k! . During our 8 weeks training together, the purpose is to develop your full potential, build your confidence and get you enjoying your running. For many people their potential is a lot more than 5k in 8 weeks, even if in week 1 that seems a crazy idea! Nobody gets left behind, and everyone works hard enough for their own ability.

To provide this level of support, numbers are limited to a maximum of five per programme.

  • Learn ‘how’ to run efficiently with professional coaching and instruction
  • Improve your fitness with structured training and suggested additional runs between weekly group sessions
  • Understand why and how to warm up properly to get the best from your running and avoid injury
  • Build your confidence and fitness whilst having FUN!

During the eight week Programme we will run on a variety of different types of terrain and you will be amazed just how much you will be able to achieve whilst having a huge amount of fun!

Ed has helped me to improve my running technique and to run further than I thought possible in a matter of weeks.

Run Improver – 8 week Programme

Suitable for regular runners; members of a running club or just finished a C25k and wish to progress.

The cost for the eight week programme is £40.00, payable on signing up.

There will be two groups (Monday Morning or Thursday Evening) with a maximum of five people in each group;

  • Monday 24th August (ends 19th October) Meeting at Harrold Country Park MK43 7DS, Bedfordshire at 10am
  • Thursday 20th August (ends 8th October) Meeting at Harrold Country Park MK43 7DS, Bedfordshire at 18:30

This programme is designed to follow on from Couch to Runner. Also manageable for runners that have completed a C25k, or are members of a running club, and now wish to progress onto longer distances (10k +) and develop good running technique. In Run Improver, the focus is on developing your potential for running faster and longer. In between coached sessions you will be encouraged to tackle your own training, either buddying up with others or solo.

But most important this is about making running FUN and ENJOYABLE! We will be spending a lot of time running socially whilst building our fitness.

  • Learn run specific Strength & Conditioning exercises you can do at home or at your gym
  • Build your fitness with structured training and suggested additional runs between weekly group sessions
  • Enjoy being part of a small social group and make running stick as part of your lifestyle
  • Build your confidence, self belief and have FUN

I started training with Ed as I wanted to get back into running after a 2 year break, the gym was closed due to coronavirus. Ed has been really supportive and encouraging from the start, he has pushed me further than I would have ever pushed myself. In my first session I ran further than I thought I could and have seen results every week…

One to One Run Coaching

For runners that want dedicated coaching, either ad-hoc or as part of a bespoke programme.

One to One Run Coaching is designed for people that would like to work individually on their running goals, with a qualified coach guiding and supporting, you will make more progress faster.  One to One Coaching suits runners that have specific goals they wish to achieve; be that smashing a Personal Best or success at a target event. But it can also be an invaluable starting point for a novice runner that lacks confidence to participate in a group.  

Ad-hoc one to one run coaching is available in Buckinghamshire (Milton Keynes & Olney) or Bedfordshire (Harrold). Coaching fee is £25 per session and can be booked here. Sessions are completely bespoke; we can address a specific challenge you might be struggling with, benchmark your performance or to supplement your current club running with some dedicated attention and motivation!

Subscription Distance Coaching starts from £55 per month and the details of each package are available here. For runners that have a preference for training alone at times that suit them, but want to know what they should be doing, how to do it and (super important to my clients) WHY they are doing it!  Distance Coaching can be supplemented with occasional half day in-person workshops; making this a viable approach for runners across the UK. 

Whilst training under the guidance of Ed I was able to acquire new and inspiring methods of training, whilst also building my strength and confidence. Ed not only guided and encouraged me along the way, but also showed me numerous ways in which I could train at the level that I required. During all aspects Ed, was not only great to train with, but also informative and attentive to my needs, always ensuring I was able to train in a safe manner. I would highly recommend training with Ed and under his guidance a great outcome is achievable! Thank you Ed!…

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