• You are not an avocado

    You are not an avocado

    In addition to taxes and death, if you train to participate in races / sporting events (at whatever level) you will have the additional certainties of sickness (or injury) as well as a taper of some description. Rationale, you and I both know that fitness does not disappear over night. But putting aside our rational…

  • Powering Running

    Powering Running

    Understanding the relationship between the food we eat and how this eventual becomes a molecule of energy that fuels a muscle contraction is complex. But the more we learn about this the better equipped we are to plan our nutrition and understand our bodies capabilities.

  • The Runners Guide To Carbohydrate

    The Runners Guide To Carbohydrate

    5 reasons runners should be eating carbs – even if their purpose for running is to lose weight. In fact, especially, if their purpose for running is to lose weight!

  • Running in the heat? The dangers of putting water in your bottle.

    Running in the heat? The dangers of putting water in your bottle.

    When it starts getting warmer, or suddenly hot as it has done here in the UK this week, runners often pay more attention to their hydration. After all it is easier to drink when you are hot and thirsty. Common sense also tells us that we are going to sweat more, so we must avoid…

  • 5 Best Foods to Get Lean

    5 Best Foods to Get Lean

    When it comes to achieving a lean physique, exercise alone is not enough. Proper nutrition plays a vital role in supporting your fitness goals and helping you shed unwanted body fat. While there is no magic bullet for weight loss, certain foods can undoubtedly enhance your efforts towards achieving a leaner body. In this blog…

  • How Much is Enough?

    Following on from my previous post in this series, Eating Clean & Getting Fat, which debunked the notion of Unicorns whilst also suggesting two key principles that if followed will provide control over your weight, guaranteed. In this post I will start to fill in some of the blanks. The first question we need to…

  • An Apple A Day…

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