BODY SCAN at home

My inner geek got quite excited this week when an email from WITHINGS arrived in my inbox. Not the usual weekly update on what my bodyweight is doing, but a very impressive new device they have just announced. The Withings BODY SCAN Connected Health Station. What does it do? How will this humble device transform your very reason for existing? Read on dear reader, read on…

As some of you know, I have the closest relationship with my bathroom scales. And whilst I would not recommend weighing yourself every day, I in fact have done so for the past couple of years. Coupled with tracking my food every day and logging all my workouts and training in detail, I now have some very interesting data.

But the new Body Scan will take my data collection fetish to a whole new level. This is not “just” a set of smart scales, but matches the kind of body analysis that could previously only be done in a gym or clinic with some seriously expensive kit

Segmental Body Composition

Using multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition ultra-precisely by distinguishing each body part independently including trunk, arms, and legs to reveal more about localized fat findings, and efficiently spot possible muscle imbalances.

Metrics delivered include fat and muscle mass in each distinct part of the body.

Advanced Heart Rate Insights

Now it starts to get interesting, with some insights into vascular health. Body Scan features patented Pulse Wave Velocity technology, developed by Withings. Data from several sensors is able to quantify the speed at which the waveform travels along the arteries. From this estimation, and taking other health metrics into account, advanced algorithms are able to calculate and deliver a personal Vascular Age—a straightforward take on a complex vital sign.

Ever heard of Neuropathy?

For background, it is basically a disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves. Main symptoms can include; numbness and tingling in the feet and hands. Burning, stabbing and shooting pains. Loss of balance. Muscle weakness (especially in the feet). According to stats published by the NHS, it is estimated that almost 1 in 10 people over 55 is affected by it. So now you know.

Body Scan is the first-ever consumer device that can assess the activity of the foot nerves.

Powered by Sudoscan®, a breakthrough technology developed with neurologists, Body Scan is able to assess the small nerve activity of the feet in less than 30 seconds. Results are computed instantly, and delivered via an activity score.

A low score is a sign of neuropathy, which is small nerve damage, a common complication that can be indicative of certain chronic diseases.

Ability to quickly evaluate neuropathies in a comfortable at-home environment is not only convenient, it really has potentially huge health benefits.

And of course…

It tells you how much you weigh as well!

This amazing box of tricks is not available yet, but you can pre-register your interest over at the Withings Website.

I will certainly be buying one as soon as they are released and will be offering it to my clients as part of their monthly assessment. Or at very least for their primary assessment.