Garmin Barcode App

If you are an avid Parkrun fan and happen to have a Garmin watch (so that is pretty much everyone then…), you might be able to download this cute little widget from Gasterpod available via the ConnectIQ App Store.

In full disclosure, I have not tried this app myself. (No longer having a ParkRun barcode would make it tricky even if I wanted to!). But it looks like a neat idea and worth putting on your watch.

What Garmin Say

The following is reproduced from the Garmin website for your convenience.

“This widget displays your parkrun id, barcode, name and emergency contact details (ICE) to allow for scanning after a parkrun.”

“The barcode is scaled as large as possible for each device and parkrun id. It may seem small on some watches, but it should scan. Since the smallest line is one pixel wide, it normally cannot be made larger as this would require doubling in size which would not fit.”

“All data is entered into the widget settings on your phone in the Garmin Connect, or Connect IQ apps or via a PC using Garmin Express.”

To download the widget, check if your watch is supported, or read the full app description, visit parkrun barcode on the Garmin ConnectIQ site.