Giving Kudos to the masses

Have you ever participated in a large event (maybe a race or even just a Zwift ride) and afterwards you receive Kudos on Strava from lots of other participants? I have always wanted to do the social thing and return the gesture. But can take soooo long to individually give Strava Kudos. Particularly when there can be literally 100’s of participants.
Until I discovered this hidden hack. Which actually works and makes life super simple

To quickly give Kudos to everyone who did a ride / or run with you, first open the event in your own feed on using your phone.

Click on the list of participants (see highlighted image below) , They don’t even need to be connected to you through “follow”.

Then with the list of participants on your screen, simply shake your phone. You’ll be given the option to kudos everyone or just friends who did the ride / run:

Simple as that 🙂 A great little “hidden feature” of Strava


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