Very pleased to have been selected to join the Ambassador Programme at SunDried and will be working with them for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. As part of this I agreement, I can offer my friends and followers a special discount code worth 50% off when you buy direct from their website!

About SunDried

At Sundried, we believe that clothing should be of a high quality and last you a long time, instead of being cheap and disposable. Wouldn’t you rather buy the best running top you’ve ever owned and wear it for years than pick up a cheap one which falls apart after a few uses? Your clothing is an investment and we want our apparel to be your training partner for life.

We are proud to offer two collections which are made from sustainable raw materials – our Eco Core range is made from 100% recycled plastic and our Eco Charge range is made from 100% recycled coffee grounds. We also have a range of technical fitness t-shirts made from our pioneering Eco Tech® biodegradable fabric. All of our production is low in carbon and we are audited by the Low Carbon Innovation Fund.  

We are passionate about triathlon and all our apparel is designed with the athlete in mind. We know how important quality, technical, comfortable sportswear is and our mission is to support your sport and allow you to go the extra mile. 

Discount Code

If you would like to purchase any SunDried products then I am very pleased to be able to offer you a 50% discount when you use the code STIVALA at checkout.

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