Short Lived Pain – Sugar Free Day 2

A quick update on the Sugar withdrawal scenario… Extremely short lived! Similar to any other craving, distraction works as a great way to ‘be strong’. So what does today look like?

Headache gone 🙂 Muscles aching, but that’s purely to do with being in the middle of a build phase of my training plan. And strangely virtually no interest in sugar at today. What I have done is increased my Protein and Fibre and so am feeling much fuller than usual. But this is OK I think.

Seemed to sleep better, but that was probably just a co-incidence of having ran a race last night. To my surprise I did quite well (not a top three or anything… But for me set a new PB over 1 mile). It was a 2mile race and the last half mile was up hill… One day I will learn about pacing. Yesterday wasn’t that day! I went flat out from the start, knowing I couldn’t hold it for the duration. Got to the hill and the wheels feel off. Still over all I felt I did well and was pleased with the general pace.

Back to sugar… The drastic cut in sugar yesterday had no material effect on race performance in the evening. However, this was probably because my glycogen stores were probably maxed out and it was a short race. What I now need to do is figure out what to do with sugar / energy in a more endurance based race.

I shall have a think and write more when I have a cunning plan!


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