Having experimented with my little tempo timer (for that read pressed some buttons and set a random time), I quickly concluded that I needed to get some proper information about what to do with it and how to build some training sessions around it. The joys of being a newbie and also self coached! But as with all things training, you can get so far by just doing it. But if you want to make some meaningful progress you need a focused plan… Luckily I have Google and also YouTube.

I had previously heard about SwimSmooth but not engaged with or joined any of their squads. I should look into them more and see if they can help. But there is probably a limit to how many different opinions I want. Having bought my ‘toys’ through their website, I have some affinity with them I guess. How dodgy does that sound!

And as luck would have it, a great little video that tells me what I need to know… Well it gets me started anyway!


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