3 Tips to help you achieve your Fitness Goals

It really doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, it could be weight loss or a podium finish in a race, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you consistently take the right steps to keep moving you closer to it. And the key word in that last sentence is CONSISTENT, which is surprisingly hard when you need to do it for months or even years.

So in this post I want to offer you three ideas to help you achieve consistency and therefore massively increase your chances of succeeding.

1. Know your WHY

No matter how SMART your goal is, it is just not enough to only have a goal (or three if you are going for short / medium / long).

In order to remain CONSISTENT with your training you need to fully explore and understand WHY you want that goal. Asking questions of yourself such as “what will it feel like and mean to you”, once you have achieved it.

Goals are logical, but the reason you want that goal (your personal “why”) is completely emotional.

The reality is that emotions are more powerful, and will take you further, than logic. Learning to leverage the power of your emotions will get you through the (countless) hard times. Logic is great on a sunny day when you are feeling amazing, but we all know that those days are not as common as the grey miserable ones when we just can’t be bothered.

Don’t underestimate how hard it is to really dig down into the WHY of it… And don’t short change yourself by making a box ticking exercise. You are only kidding yourself.

2. Don’t rely on MOTIVATION

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming that you will “feel like” doing it. After the initial excitement of having your shiny new goal and understanding WHY you want it, the attraction of doing what is needed will soon fade. The pressures of day to day life will happen!

Speaking for myself, I know that there are always MORE days that I DON’T “feel like” training and sticking to my eating plan than times when I do…

You need something more reliable than motivation and that something is DISCIPLINE supported by HABBIT.

Once you have your plan in place, be truthful with yourself that you are not going to always “feel like” doing what’s needed. Right there and then is the time to commit to being disciplined about following it. Make it a priority. Quickly create a habit that means every day you follow the programme. Regardless of how you “feel”….

3. Have a PLAN

It is not going to be possible to be consistent and disciplined if you don’t have a predefined, and realistic, plan to follow. Something as simple as a schedule printed out and stuck on the fridge door is enough to create accountability and drive a habit. Don’t underestimate the power of physically ticking things off your plan. Day by day…

Following a well structured plan eliminates any guesswork as to what you need to do on a given day. But you also need to have confidence that the plan will be effective, and a large part of that is knowing that it is appropriate and relevant for you.

Of course if you need some help with getting the right plan in place then do please check out my services to coach you to success