Runners S&C (fb) 30 Minutes

I fully appreciate that the Internet is currently full of everyone and their dog throwing  workouts at you! However, I thought I would share one that I wrote for myself and used this evening. No really, you are welcome 😉 

People that have trained with me will know that I am a BIG fan of circuit style workouts and “passionate” about planks. So it will be no surprise that this 30minute set features both.

It is of course equally effective for runners or cyclists (or to be honest anybody!). With later reflection I concluded that this was actually marginally more useful for cyclists than runners.

For those that are interested in the thinking behind this set (yes I did think about it!), then read on. If you just want to get to the part where you start jumping about then scroll to the end and where you will find the PDF to download.

You can improvise the warm-up, just focus on something cardio that will raise your heart rate in three of four minutes. Ideally we want your body to get the plot that blood needs diverting to your legs – hence I used 120 step ups. (I like steps). 

The first circuit is all about legs. So in theory should be easy for runners and cyclists. I did a short aerobic run this morning and my legs knew all about the last set of squats. It’s in the notes, but with the ball squat and press, try to finish the press, up on your tip toes. That gives you a triple extension action, which is helpful for runners. Oh and if you haven’t got a 3kg medicine ball just use a heavy book or water bottle full of water even. The weight is irrelevant its about recruiting the right upper body muscles. To do that you will need something in your paws 😉 

Next up the Dumbbell raised plank sliders. Again you can use a water bottle instead of a dumbbell. Make sure you have your feet wide apart for stability in the plank position. What you want to avoid is a lower back twist thing going on; which will be more likely if you have a closed foot position. Obviously this is all about building core strength, but also brings in upper back & chest too (think cycling and holding a race position… Handy muscles to develop). 

Next circuit is again pushing your core and chest but using a bit more shoulder and tricep. It is better to do fewer “proper” press-ups than all 20 from your knees. I treated this as a drop set in that I failed before 20 today ( I know…). The bicep curls are a convenient “rest” exercise in this circuit and using a muscle we haven’t really hit so far. It also is a good contrast to the tricep contraction in the press-up. 

Finally , as always, I wrap this up with a plank. Obviously more core and lower back, bit of gluttes. I programmed 2mins but that might not be right for you. So feel free to amend as appropriate. 

Standard Disclaimer: If you choose to download this workout and perform the exercises you do so at your own risk. Quite obviously I am not liable for any injury you may inflict upon yourself! If you are unsure about how appropriate this is for you or how to perform the exercises you are free to contact me BEFORE you hurt yourself and seek clarification. Always check with your Doctor before starting a new course of exercise (I know…) and if you feel any pain other than fatigue then STOP (quite obviously a 2 minute plank is going to cause a modicum of discomfort). 

If you choose to try this out them do please let me know how you get on, it will encourage me to publish EVEN MORE workouts. Maybe video myself… Who knows. Also, in seriousness, if you need some advice on adapting this for your current level of capability (up or down) then get in touch and am very happy to give you some pointers. 

Enjoy 🙂 

Runners S&C (fb) 30min set Download


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