STAGE TWO The Challenge Intensifies

Lockdown continues… It’s time for our goats to gather again and battle it out for the next challenge in the Corona Mountain Goat Series. If you missed Stage One, no need to bleat, this is your opportunity to make your mark and take on the competition.Β 

If you can run 5k then you can enter. This is not about speed, its a level playing field and all about CONSISTENCY. Free to enter, prizes for the winners, banter and motivation for ten days… What’s stopping you! Here are the Β details…

The Challenge

Winner A goes to the goat that runs the highest WEIGHTED AVERAGE distance during the Competition Window. A fiendish weighting formula penalises you for any days that you do not log a qualifying run. The aim is to run every day for 10 days, remain injury free (obviously!!) and pace yourself to get the biggest average you can.

I wanted to level the playing field… Because everyone is different in their running ability. But everyone can run consistently (its hard but you can do it!).

Winner B will be the goat that logs the TEN most consistent qualifying runs. The length of the runs does not matter… If one goat logs ten runs of 5.5k and they each took 42mins, but another goat logged ten runs of 10k but some were 55mins and others were 90mins then the first goat wins as (s)he was more consistent. To win I suggest you need to decide up front that it’s your prize and then stick to your plan πŸ˜‰

What is a Qualifying Run

  • Must be MORE than 5 kilometres as shown on Strava. But 5.1 is fine!
  • Only ONE run can qualify per day.
  • It must be a RUN not a WALK. But any pace of run is fine.
  • Must be in the Competition Window (as shown on Strava)
  • Treadmill runs count so long as they have a distance and duration recorded on Strava.

The Competition Window

Starts at 12 noon Friday 17th April 2020. Ends 12 noon Sunday 26th April 2020.

All times are shown in British Summer Time (BST).

How to Enter & Compete

It’s really simple:

  • Go to and add a comment to the “Stage 2 Announce Post” to say you are in. (It will be pinned to the top, easy to find). That’s it – simples πŸ™‚ I will reply to your comment with your Bib number.
  • Join the Strava club so that I can find your runs (if you have a different name on Strava please tell me)
  • Go out have fun running! Upload your run to Strava (and add your Bib number either to the title or description)
  • Check the Facebook Group each day as I will be posting the leader board and race commentary.

The Rules

No cheating and my decision is probably final πŸ™‚

If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen. Period.

If you don’t have a Bib number you are not in… And you will need to live with that πŸ˜‰

Number of entries limited to 150 (as I can’t cope with the admin beyond that!). Minimum number is 40, else it’s not really worth doing… Stage 1 had over 200 registered!!

If something changes in the UK which means that we are no longer permitted to go outside once a day to exercise then the competition stops immediately and I will try to figure out winners based on what runs were completed.

You are responsible for being sensible adult. Do the right thing and stay safe.

Remember this is a bit of fun. There will be banter. Don’t take it too seriously and lets all play nice!!

Remember that running everyday places quite a strain on your body. You are doing this challenge at your own risk and using your own judgement as to whether it’s in your capabilities. If you are not used to running every day, listen to your body and keep the mileage shorter and definitely keep the pace to “stupidly easy”!!

All competitors must ENJOY themselves… Otherwise you will be disqualified (at minimum).

Now go and add your name in the comments on Ed Stivala Fitness Coaching, get your bib and GET READY to run. Friday we start πŸ˜‰


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