Day 13 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

First a quick admin note. Tomorrow being the last day, I won’t be posting a summary at the end of the day. To give everyone a chance to upload their runs, and Strava to synch, I shall write my final blog on Saturday morning and announce the Corona Mountain Goat Champion then. I know… you […]

Day 13, lucky for some? There are certainly some goats with sore hooves now. But did anyone get out? Were there any heroic runs? Is there STILL no way to predict the winner? And vitally has Simon been ‘referred’ yet? These are the questions that would have troubled us at the start of the adventure, but I think we all know the answers by now… So lets get into the weeds πŸ™‚Β 

First a quick admin note. Tomorrow being the last day, I won’t be posting a summary at the end of the day. To give everyone a chance to upload their runs, and Strava to synch, I shall write my final blog on Saturday morning and announce the Corona Mountain Goat Champion then. I know… you are beside yourselves with excitement πŸ˜‰

That will mean I can also then work out the final positions for everyone that has participated.

And whilst I’m on my announcement plinth there is one lady I particularly want to mention, who has yet to have a name check and that’s Mary Anne. She really wanted to participate, but unfortunately found that she had to stay indoors right at the start. Instead she has run every day on her treadmill… Which as most of us know can be soul destroying stuff!! No ascent, but mega commitment and worth mentioning in my opinion πŸ™‚

Kerry “I don’t like hills” Guthrie went out today… And yes she did more hill reps. I think she has started a whole new relationship with them now!! Great running today Kerry!

But she wasn’t alone in fact 26 of you ventured out… Sally finding another 155m of hillside on her commute to work and back (which is like two runs, but NOT two runs!!) and Heidi (not so worn out by Joe today) put in 116m just brushing past her pal! Rob has been true to his goal of 10k a day and found a few Buckinghamshire lumps to run up, but didn’t stray as far as the “Simon Pass” as it might soon be known locally!

Which neatly brings me on to the three craziest goats amongst us.

Yesterday I speculated on what Allen might do… And he certainly didn’t disappoint! 588m giving him a second day above the 500m threshold and just stealing the winner of today’s Fluffy Vest. So that now puts him on 2368m with one day to go…

I say “just stole”, because Hannah was out there again. This being the lady that defines ‘consistency’ in this challenge… Having said that she broke with her normal ascent. With the finish in sight, and deciding to really make her point, ran 477m today giving her a massive 3256m total and just putting her in the lead.

I say “just” putting her in the lead because quietly nestling between Hannah and Allen is Simon… Now he took a rest day today (hardly surprising as I imagine he may have had slightly stiff legs!), but still popped out and picked up another 83m putting him on 3229m.

Incredibly as we go into the last day the two leaders are neck and neck (if I had paid them they couldn’t have played this out better!) and to add to the tension we have a bit of a Wilde Card in the mix…

You see it could be that Allen (who DEFINITELY knows his hills) might not have wanted to make his break today as that would give the other two a chance to respond. So perhaps he did ‘enough’ to remain in striking distance and then tomorrow he will take a view on what he needs to do. It’s a possibility…

Simon, well there is no predicting. Assuming he isn’t sectioned for his own welfare then it is ‘somewhat’ likely that he will go running tomorrow… But the question is will he do enough? His legs are still going to be sore from yesterday, and he knows that he is going to have to do something material if he wants to win… Otherwise, he wasted two hours of his life doing 66.666 reps and reaching the edge of insanity. Just saying Simon πŸ˜‰

Two things that are certain about tomorrow; firstly the sun will rise and secondly Hannah will go running. That then only leaves the question of how far. What has she got left in her legs after two weeks of running up hills every day. (Just think about that… It’s really one heck of an achievement already!). But she isn’t going to throw it away lightly… But will she second guess the other two accurately enough? Only last spin of the wheel Hannah πŸ™‚

Who the hell knows!! But whatever happens tomorrow, I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have. Good luck to everyone that runs tomorrow, stay safe… And of course to our three crazy friends just “Get It Done” now!

Catchup Saturday and in the mean time here is the leader board:

BIB Athlete02-Apr14Total
47Hannah Bawdon4773256
1Simon Cook833229
56Allen Bennett5882368
58Linda Wilkie681829
26Sally Durant155 1177
15Rob White 1161173
2Michelle Ramsden651026
3Cat Riona53888
12Lisa Dalton27799
6Heidi Brown116738
107Sarah Price199 686
7Kerry Guthrie104676
13Stella Barker54669
23Viv Black0636
38Trevor Piper0613
46Emily Calista Walker38596
78Amanda Waring0568
35Kathryn Milne91521
43Liz Conibere67518
8Josie Pickering96487
67Tracy Walker0460
70Beth Morris0452
9Steve Pryor-Jones86451
103Hayley Roberts0442
104Leila Goss0433
40Santa Upite0425
97Stuart Weaver0405
80Ruby Gautama-Marvell0403
49Caroline Batty 0402
28Charli May57388
83Ian Mercer0367
18Chris Lowery0345
65Corinne Gibbs0327
17Nic Williams27308
63Katie Godof0300
61Nigel Ryalis0298
19Neil Williams19296
27Steve Williams89246
102Morag Finch0233
44Helen Tailyour0221
105Brendan Coles27214
81M-Louise Dis0180
112Sarah Hawkins29172
5Andrew Hingston0161
11Sarah Pennell0140
22Abby Bambury0127
94James Ryan Mitchell098
48Nicola Draycott097
85Simon Bailey094
4Kirsty Hingston073
111Katherine Fisher659
30Mary Anne Mackenzie053
74Emma Lorains412

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