Day 11 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

The sun must have been out today. 31 goats pulled on their running apparel… But wasn’t it cold? So what happened today? 

A speed session for Cat and Viv today, both electing to do some structured intervals. And looking at the times (phew) neither were hanging about to be photographed by a passing Police drone 😉 Nice running Ladies!

The Northants tussle between running pals Heidi and Kerry continued. But Kerry put in a new ascent PB! A changed lady… From not “being a hill person” to now secretly admitting “they aren’t so bad…” and she is definitely getting stronger on them. Could be a great cross country season for you Kerry 🙂 And lets be honest, at the current rate of knots, thats about when any of us will be racing next <<rolling eyes>>

Talking of being a changed woman neatly brings me onto Sally… I think perhaps broken more than changed! To be fair she has properly given the mini challenge a go (did anyone else????), but it has broken her 😉 Trying to slightly slow her pace down, resulted in a much faster run and a very near PB… On returning, I think she decided to throw in the towel. I think it’s fair to say that run was ‘special’ at so many levels 😉

Linda went out for a run and quietly put in another (understated) 190m. Not as impressive as walking to the shop later and racking up 260m+ !!! I assume she went to Tesco Ben Nevis 😉 Hopefully they had some pasta when you got there?

Just so many people getting their runs in and keeping sane! Awesome.

The end is definitely in sight now… So how will all this play out?

Firstly the Fluffy Vest today went once more to Hannah with a new PB for the challenge of 361m today. She has now run EVERY DAY since the start and currently has a daily average of 227m. (As I’m a bit of a data geek, I would point out that in the last 11 days she has run above that on 5 of them). So if she managed to maintain her consistency till the end (no small thing) she would finish the challenge on a massive 3179m… But can she keep it together for another three days? Surely she must be getting fatigued by now? We will see….

Simon took a rest day today which might then be followed by an easier day tomorrow. But that leaves two days and we know that he can put in an insane run when he has the urge! His average is sitting at 213m. Therefore if he ran to his average for the next three days he would lose to Hannah and finish on 2774m… But we already know that he is unlikely to run three equal days! There is another route though by which he could still get this… But it’s a big ask! I did notice this morning he was quoting numerical incantations in the Facebook Page… Maybe… No! We will see…

Has anyone seen Trevor?

Todays leader board looks something like this:

BIB Athlete31-Mar121314Total
47Hannah Bawdon3612498
1Simon Cook2135
58Linda Wilkie1901693
56Allen Bennett1421261
26Sally Durant116 1022
15Rob White 80951
2Michelle Ramsden30857
3Cat Riona39835
12Lisa Dalton759
6Heidi Brown85622
38Trevor Piper613
23Viv Black43590
7Kerry Guthrie110572
13Stella Barker554
78Amanda Waring499
46Emily Calista Walker41 498
107Sarah Price106487
67Tracy Walker47460
70Beth Morris60452
43Liz Conibere44451
103Hayley Roberts32442
104Leila Goss433
35Kathryn Milne51430
40Santa Upite69425
49Caroline Batty 181402
8Josie Pickering41391
80Ruby Gautama-Marvell45387
9Steve Pryor-Jones51365
18Chris Lowery345
83Ian Mercer31341
97Stuart Weaver303
63Katie Godof300
61Nigel Ryalis298
28Charli May290
65Corinne Gibbs68282
19Neil Williams24255
17Nic Williams19245
44Helen Tailyour221
81M-Louise Dis180
102Morag Finch169
5Andrew Hingston161
27Steve Williams157
105Brendan Coles48144
112Sarah Hawkins26143
11Sarah Pennell4132
22Abby Bambury112
48Nicola Draycott497
85Simon Bailey94
94James Ryan Mitchell882
4Kirsty Hingston73
111Katherine Fisher53
30Mary Anne Mackenzie53
74Emma Lorains8

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