Oh my giddy aunt! Day 9 and the bar has once again been raised… Surely we must now have found the limit of Capra Aegagrus Hircus performance? Surely our goats have no more to give… And yet if I learned anything in the last eight days it is that there are some seriously competitive athletes here. So what on earth has gone on today?

27 of you got out today with more people finding more ascent… 

I thought I had found my big story for the day when Lisa got in touch early on. Armed with a ruler and mega cute cat GIF, declaring that she can’t now run outside and Strava was having a moment with her indoor sessions. This session was carefully calculated with ruler and “stepometer” and basically involved hill repping her staircase to keep herself in the challenge! All photographically documented on her Strava feed. 240m of ascent – Lisa we applaud you!! And on a normal day, that might actually have been a Fluffy Vest victory. But today was no ordinary day…

Hannah had been out for a run. Again. After yesterdays tough day you might have thought an easy run… But oh my goodness; after a nine day streak and only one of those just dipping under 100m, today she sets a new PB for the Challenge with a 338m run. The woman IS a machine, I was right. Hannah we definitely applaud you. And as I sipped my tea, I did spare a thought for poor old Simon and what a busy week he would have trying to catch up. I actually thought it was probably over for him now. 

I do just want to mention a few others though, because there really were some strong runs from many today. Viv went long and fast, to do her ‘regular’ Sunday Half. Sally had a serious warm up attempt at the mini challenge, and on her first attempt nailed the ascent, was within a fraction of a qualifying distance and just needed a bit more on the time. But throwing the gauntlet down to everyone else for sure. Stella went out and notched up a 100m+. Linda consistent as ever with 277m. To credit but a few.

Actually about the mini challenge, do all please remember to post a screen shot of your qualifying run on Facebook, so we can all see who has done what and we will know that you want that particular run to count. 

So it was quite an amazing day… And then it took a turn that I just couldn’t believe…

Yesterday Allen had spoken. Today Simon replied…

After a recovery day followed by a rest day I did think he would probably go for a run today. So when I saw him pop up on Strava I was a little surprised that he had gone ‘short’ on a Sunday. But then, my eyes bled as I realised his ‘short’ run was out over the fields to one of the few steep inclines near here. And he ran hill repeats. A lot. 710m of ascent in fact! If we weren’t so stunned we would be applauding you too!

Today had turned out to be anything other than just another ordinary day. 

So what do all these acts of craziness mean to the overall Challenge? Amazingly there still is no clear winning break! Simon nudges in front of Hannah again by 160m. Dangerous, as we already know this kind of act of provocation is just going lead to another escalation… <<rolling eyes again>> Linda and Allen are still in touch and very much in with a shout… But lets not forget the mini challenge; absolutely anyone could grab that… I look forward to hopefully seeing some posts on Facebook tomorrow 😉

But before we worry about tomorrow, here is today;

BIB Athlete29-Mar1011121314Total
1Simon Cook7102060
47Hannah Bawdon3381900
58Linda Wilkie2771503
56Allen Bennett871119
15Rob White 776
2Michelle Ramsden757
12Lisa Dalton240752
3Cat Riona34752
26Sally Durant183 679
38Trevor Piper613
13Stella Barker105554
23Viv Black157547
6Heidi Brown85487
78Amanda Waring437
104Leila Goss433
103Hayley Roberts147410
46Emily Calista Walker49408
70Beth Morris392
7Kerry Guthrie29380
67Tracy Walker38375
43Liz Conibere54354
8Josie Pickering106350
107Sarah Price349
80Ruby Gautama-Marvell18342
35Kathryn Milne317
9Steve Pryor-Jones121314
18Chris Lowery91308
63Katie Godof131300
61Nigel Ryalis298
28Charli May290
40Santa Upite279
97Stuart Weaver56259
83Ian Mercer243
49Caroline Batty 221
44Helen Tailyour221
17Nic Williams24207
81M-Louise Dis180
65Corinne Gibbs177
102Morag Finch169
19Neil Williams164
5Andrew Hingston161
27Steve Williams71157
112Sarah Hawkins117
22Abby Bambury112
11Sarah Pennell109
105Brendan Coles4696
85Simon Bailey9494
48Nicola Draycott79
94James Ryan Mitchell74
4Kirsty Hingston73
111Katherine Fisher1253
30Mary Anne Mackenzie53

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