Into the last weekend, as we round out the race over the final six days. Have the restrictions on our normal lives finally broken our goats? With less sun and a fresh (read cold) wind in places they could be forgiven for hiding at the back of their shelters today. They have done so well…Surely today would be an off day? 

As I started the nightly, now very familiar, task of manually compiling the day’s run data it started to feel a like different sort of day. With no surprises… Simulated Park Runs (inevitably), a few walks and a couple of non-scoring hikes (you have to draw the line). A few planned rest days and a lull… 

And then like a bolt from ‘running heaven’, Allen’s run hit me square between the eyes! And they bled. A whopping 682m – where did that come from! Well mostly from the rather lumpy Bridgnorth region. He actually ran 19.5km in 1:56. Given the terrain, that was a strong time too. Allen has spoken. And seized the Fluffy Vest. 

But 21 others also got out and ran (ran/walked) which was good to see. Caroline and Amanda both putting in some ascent today. And a lot of people putting aside the bigger hills and logging some flatter faster sets. Variety is good right? 

So what has today done to the Competition as a whole?

A different picture at the top of the board. Life (or at least the new world order) caused a momentary wobble with the metronomic Hannah, almost proving she is human, but not quite. Despite everything going on in her professional life at present, she “had a word” with herself and #47 put out another 225m… Giving Simon something to think about when he next finds his trainers 😉

Dark goat Linda, still trying to not do anything too rash to draw attention, is now perfectly positioned in third. Absolutely has the two leading goats in her sights and ready to punish either of then severely for any slip ups in the closing stages.

And then in the shock news of the day, and proudly wearing his Fluffy Vest from the days victory, Allen has a made it a four goat stampede… (do goats stampede? Answers in the Facebook group if you know).

The rest of the heard now sticking together and a peloton forming. Our favourites, that we have all come to love over the days; Rob, Michelle, Cat, Stella, Lisa to a name a few, a lot of consistent performances. Heidi and Kerry mid pack and recovering from their Friday Hill Fest and tussle with each other.

But what to say about Trevor… Has anyone seen him? My guess is he has taking a well earned rest day, playing with his family and probably catching with Photography Monthly – And why not!!

Enjoy Sunday. Looking forward to what people can pull out of the bag for the next mini challenge, now announced, and also to what the traditional Long Run of the week might do to the leader board.

Talking of which here it is:

BIB Athlete28-Mar91011121314Total
47Hannah Bawdon2251562
1Simon Cook1350
58Linda Wilkie2171226
56Allen Bennett6821032
15Rob White 4776
2Michelle Ramsden40757
3Cat Riona24718
38Trevor Piper613
12Lisa Dalton512
26Sally Durant99496
13Stella Barker449
78Amanda Waring142437
104Leila Goss433
6Heidi Brown34402
70Beth Morris392
23Viv Black55390
7Kerry Guthrie43351
107Sarah Price29349
67Tracy Walker75337
80Ruby Gautama-Marvell10324
35Kathryn Milne60317
43Liz Conibere53300
61Nigel Ryalis32298
28Charli May290
40Santa Upite279
103Hayley Roberts263
8Josie Pickering244
46Emily Calista Walker243
83Ian Mercer243
49Caroline Batty 150221
44Helen Tailyour221
18Chris Lowery31217
97Stuart Weaver203
9Steve Pryor-Jones193
17Nic Williams11183
81M-Louise Dis180
65Corinne Gibbs177
63Katie Godof28169
102Morag Finch169
19Neil Williams164
5Andrew Hingston65161
112Sarah Hawkins117
22Abby Bambury6112
11Sarah Pennell4109
27Steve Williams86
48Nicola Draycott079
94James Ryan Mitchell74
4Kirsty Hingston73
30Mary Anne Mackenzie53
105Brendan Coles50
111Katherine Fisher41
74Emma Lorains4

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