Day 6 – Corona Mountain Goat Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely detecting more people starting to get stressed after a few days of ‘lockdown”. It makes me feel very fortunate that I already have fitness as part of my life, and now more than ever it is providing an important way to keep some sanity. Maybe some…

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely detecting more people starting to get stressed after a few days of ‘lockdown”. It makes me feel very fortunate that I already have fitness as part of my life, and now more than ever it is providing an important way to keep some sanity. Maybe some of you feel the same? I know a lot of people don’t have what ‘we’ have…

But you didn’t click on the link to read my thoughts on life (!!), just my thoughts on the mad goats that have been out again today haha… So what has been happening? Is there any less bleating and perhaps a bit more running? 😉 Have any more ‘gingers’ joined the Challenge? Surely there can’t be more upsets and surprises SIX days in???

You people are just amazing! Another day of happenings and craziness. A big day (obviously the sun was out) as 34 of you hit the tarmac and trails! With some serious uphill miles going on…

First and foremost, I managed to miss out Michelle yesterday who knocked out an impressive 255m upwards! But was this a flash in the pan??? Looks like she could on an alternate day strategy. Absolutely no pressure but now you have catapulted yourself into the leader board favourites, you will need to give me something to write about tomorrow 😉 Also Tracy is all caught up too so keep it going Tracy!

Other happening today; Allen came back after a few days mulling the situation over with a hard hitting 266m. Leila found a hill as did Sarah P. who was so pleased with her discovery she ran up and down it repeatedly! 

Actually this pattern of behaviour seems to have been the norm today… Nigel, who you will recall rocked up late yesterday to join the party, decided to run some reps too. His included the very aptly named Vomit Hill. Luckily we weren’t treated to any photo evidence. Although all OTHER pictures are very welcome on the group page. If they concern fitness so much the better!

Steve did something interesting with a pole and he repeated that several times too. Whist he didn’t actually gain any ascent, the mere fact that he owned up to this act I felt warranted 1m 😉 If you are interested in finding out more (and if you are looking for some interesting conditioning ideas then you might well be interested) ask him in the group, I’m sure he will be happy to share!

Simon won the Fluffy Vest today. But I think it should be a Fluffy Straight jacket. He has clearly lost the plot 😉 In arguably flat Buckinghamshire he found himself a 100m long hill and then repped it for 6k, that is (IMHO) an insane amount of times up and down ONE short hill !!  And for good measure it was off road presumably to save his hooves for the rest of the challenge… 408m of ascent in the flat lands of Bucks.

So what has that done to the overall leader board?

Well we now have a definite breakaway, even though we aren’t yet at the half way point. Too early? Simon has pulled away, but Hannah is still very much in touch with just 200m or so between them. Hannah continues her run every day streak (with or without PPE!) and lets not forget that last time Simon went for the aggressive move she was not happy and properly retaliated… Friday could be bloody interesting!?!?!

Linda continues to try and maintain her understated ‘noting to see here’ approach but on 876m she isn’t fooling me! Rob lives close enough to Simon’s ‘Hill of Insanity’ and he might be building up to something…

Michelle R. has thrown the gauntlet down too lets not forget… Could we see her move further up the pack tomorrow? And then another dark goat is Leila who also found a hill today and might have discovered a tase for it?

But I would be crazy to close without an update on Trevor… Today was a planning day. Tomorrow he hits the trails in anger. Let’s not forget that he is a goat that live in the mountains all the time… Simon / Hannah / Linda… He is going to eat your grass if you let him!! 

And on that cliff hanger here is the latest Challenge Leader Board:

BIB Athlete26-Mar7891011121314Total
1Simon Cook4081316
47Hannah Bawdon1541108
58Linda Wilkie177 876
15Rob White 25747
3Cat Riona17676
38Trevor Piper0613
2Michelle Ramsden0514
104Leila Goss154433
13Stella Barker0376
12Lisa Dalton0352
56Allen Bennett266350
23Viv Black65 335
107Sarah Price35320
70Beth Morris36310
26Sally Durant85306
78Amanda Waring47295
6Heidi Brown57277
80Ruby Gautama-Marvell49271
61Nigel Ryalis185266
103Hayley Roberts0263
67Tracy Walker120262
8Josie Pickering54244
83Ian Mercer72 243
28Charli May0243
44Helen Tailyour175221
40Santa Upite75211
7Kerry Guthrie0204
46Emily Calista Walker0199
43Liz Conibere26194
9Steve Pryor-Jones54193
97Stuart Weaver20181
81M-Louise Dis0180
35Kathryn Milne59179
18Chris Lowery27159
17Nic Williams28151
19Neil Williams30143
63Katie Godof0141
65Corinne Gibbs0133
112Sarah Hawkins27117
22Abby Bambury16106
11Sarah Pennell79105
102Morag Finch0102
27Steve Williams186
94James Ryan Mitchell074
49Caroline Batty 071
5Andrew Hingston3458
30Mary Anne Mackenzie053
111Katherine Fisher1341
48Nicola Draycott030
4Kirsty Hingston018
74Emma Lorains44


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