Well what a tense and competitive start to this 14 day Running Challenge!! A few early break aways to form a group of goats at the front. A pack has formed behind them (safety in numbers?) ready to pounce and playing the long game. So who is where after day one?

Leading the Challenge, and taking the “Fluffy Running Vest” into Day 2, is fellow Run Coach and crazy runner Cat Riona with a very impressive 585m of ascent today. Not that she is taking the challenge seriously or anything, but she found herself a proper hill and did eight hill reps on it. I have no idea if she threw up… who knows!

If Cat thought such early heroics would put her way out in the lead she majorly misjudged the competitive spirit of a couple of my friends from my home club Olney Runners… Rob & Simon also went and sought out some hills to play on, knocking up 460m and 504m respectively!

But it’s early days… another 13 days potentially to go! And a lot of people got themselves out there today and enjoyed logging some runs despite the chaos, which is of course the ENTIRE POINT. As we go into day 2 the main group is being led by Charli May and Sarah Price, but with Trevor tucked in behind them… And certainly with 13 days of running left they are still very much in touch with the breakaway.

I hear reports we have a Canni-Cross duo also taking part… Will there be some dog related selfies???

And just to prove that I really did look at EVERY run you all kindly logged, I have to give huge applause to my friend Kerry from Wootton RR, who in the true spirit of Self Isolation forced herself to run up and down her garden for 1k… That is a LOT of reps!! I think she may then have snuck out, but we don’t need to go there πŸ™‚ If only your garden was on a slope right?!?!?!

Will the four early break aways manage to hang on, or were they one day wonders??? Will the dog post a selfie? Will Trevor make his attack? Or will Viv decide that this is outrageous and launch her attack on the leaders…. Or maybe Stuart who ran a very tidy Pyramid set today will go for Kenyan Hills tomorrow? Vitally will someone remind the other 100 runners that the race is on and they need to join the Strava Club so I find there results…

These are the big questions that face us as we go into Day 2 πŸ˜‰Β 

Athlete 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Total
Cat Riona 585                           585
Simon Cook 504                           504
Rob White  460                           460
Linda Wilkie 168                           168
Charli May 97                           97
Sarah Price 92                           92
Trevor Piper 90                           90
Ian Mercer 84                           84
Stuart Weaver 78                           78
James Ryan Mitchell 74                           74
Chris Lowery 72                           72
Amanda Waring 70                           70
Josie Pickering 70                           70
Ruby Gautama-Marvell 69                           69
Steve Pryor-Jones 65                           65
Mary Anne Mackenzie 53                           53
Steve Williams 50                           50
Stella Barker 45                           45
Viv Black 36                           36
Sarah Hawkins 30                           30
Andrew Hingston 24                           24
Emily Calista Walker 20                           20
Nic Williams 19                           19
Kerry Guthrie 17                           17
Santa Upite 14                           14
Katherine Fisher 13                           13

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