Not the attitude really ;)

Let me start by saying that I know this is wrong attitude!! What is it you learn in sales 1-0-1, never start with a negative… Guess that was another day I just wasn’t listening!! So having broken into this little mini ramble perhaps I should get to the point?

This morning was a swim set (actually one of favourite sessions ‘100s’ and the build part was going well. Remarkable how that happens. Yesterday was a particularly crap turbo session and then this morning, bright as a button, hitting the numbers. Wonder if that is a ‘thing’? You know, when you have a good session straight after a bad one? Well seems to be the case quite often for me…

Anyway I digress.

Swim was paused as my friend Pete turned up, fresh (tongue in cheek) from his incredible achievements at IM Frankfurt. Not seen him since he got back so was keen to hear all about it first hand. And by Christ it sounded horrendous – a proper trooper to have battled his way through to the end and in good time too. Apparently one third of the field didn’t make it to the end.

As we chatted we moved on to what’s next for both of us. And that’s when it happened. ‘Speedy Pete’ has entered the club Championship race in four weeks time 🙁 I know, I know… I bloody know!!! I should not be thinking ‘bugger there goes my chance of a win then…’. It’s not sportsman like, it’s friendly and it’s not the attitude really. But it is bloody true 🙁

There you go… It will of course be nice to see him at the start line and be racing in broadly the same county as him for some of the morning! And will be nice to socialise with him when I eventually finish. But let’s be honest there is square root of fuck all chance of me seeing him during the race… But he is younger than me, more experienced than me, fitter than me, more talented than me and basically a far superior athlete to me. So it is only right that he finishes a long way before me!

Right that is my little (tongue in cheek) whinge out of the way. The more pressing question is what is to be done about this? One thought, as I returned to swimming my set, was to change to the half distance race. After all the only reason for doing the Calfman was… shall we say for the ‘opportunity’. But actually I have shifted goals and re-organised my schedule this year to within an inch of it being a complete mess! No, the thing to do here is harden the fuck up (see rule five) and get on with it!! Focus on the age group, carry on with the current training plan and let it all flow through to (hopefully) something useful in Portugal.

Apart from anything else I am completely bored with re-writing my annual training plan and trying to make it all make sense…

What eventually dawned on me was the stupidity of even thinking about changing race. There will always be a ‘Speedy Pete’ even if it happens not to be my friend… There will always be competition, strangely that is the nature of competing 😉

So stay with the Calfman. And perhaps as therapy (or penance?) chronical the training in this blog as I move to NOT winning at the Calfman. I know… That’s not the attitude either!

But in a moment of seriousness, I can’t think of a nicer bloke to let beat me 😉

Off to London now. Busy exciting week. Much to do. Things to finalise.

Cheerio 🙂


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