Dragons, Ogres and Medical Receptionists

Dear iPad,

Another coffee shop moment. Another reflection on life… After months, years even, of good health I seem to have had several brushes with the medical profession recently. I know I can have a propensity to be a demanding customer. And of course when not feeling well my ‘demanding’ nature may become somewhat accentuated. But really…

I have most annoyingly damaged my hand. Luckily I have the benefit of access to Private Medical Care. Not any better than the NHS, but should be faster and definitely should offer a service that is shaped around my needs. Or in simple terms; they rip me off for a stupid amount of money and in return I can be as bloody minded as I want whilst they grovel around trying to make me happy. It’s not a game that everyone likes to play, but it keeps me amused!

Later today I am seeing a Orthopaedic Consultant. Prior to this consultation I was informed that the clinic would need a referral letter. Reasonable. I drove it over, along with a handy CD containing X-RAY images of the broken bits. However the ‘welcome’ at the Private Hospital was beyond bad… In fact it would have been poor if it was an underfunded public service!

I suspect the receptionist made the school girl error of judging my by my attire (jeans, T-shirt and trainers). This led to “couldn’t be bothered to help me”, mono-syllabic answers that were marginally more advanced than a grunt, complete dis-interest in wanting to help, taking my referral letter without asking who I was or where said letter needed to go… How was it going to find it’s way, clairvoyant pigeon??? Naturally I gave her the information she needed (and made her write it down on a post it)… But had I not have done that she certainly wasn’t going to have asked.

“Would it be helpful for the Orthopaedics Team to have this CD with my images on?” Was met with “I dunno… leave it if ya want”…

I shall stop now dear iPad, I am sure you see the problem.

I will attend the appointment this afternoon. I will never set foot in The ***** after that. I will instruct my insurance company to find me another provider to help me. I will tell everyone and anyone that is interested what my opinion was of this facility.

I don’t know how much lost revenue that will equate to. But certainly “Missy’s” attitude has cost them more than they would have liked.

A similar (but different in detail) ‘attitude’ was on display at the Dentist this morning. Despite feeling ripped off properly for the “deep clean” that I had (if I could make £125 in ten minutes I would spend the day looking in people’s mouths!), I would have gone back. But honestly the hostile and abrasive receptionist has properly ensured that I never set foot in the place again.

It’s strange, but obvious, that the first impression (the receptionist) has such a huge impact. Probably not the highest paid. Probably not the one that gets all they customer care training. Probably not seen as strategic. But certainly is the one that can wipe out future revenues and turn marketing investment into money thrown down the drain.

I wonder if they know…


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