Dear iPad,

I fear we are!! Blenheim is just the round the corner then we will be hitting Heaver sooner than you can say unprepared triathlete! I know that everyone says they haven’t training enough, to trust the plan, to focus the taper… But it’s at this precise moment that I am wondering about how good a shout it was to self coach. Nobody else to blame and what if I have got this hopelessly wrong?

Running this evening was a complete car crash. I decided that my right calf felt OK from the MK Half and the pain of last Thursday WRR club session. So gave the social hill rep group a miss and headed off to Olney to just pop out a relaxed 5k around the lake. To start with I just couldn’t get any proper extension from legs so basically taking lots of short strides. My breathing was all over the place for 4K and sounded like I was on a long distance run with efforts. And the pace was all over the place. For some reason after 2k I had stomach cramps for the first time ever. Ended up feeling crap by the end of it, averaged a 9:30 m/m so overall the pace worked for an easy run. But no way should be looking / sounding or feeling like that after a little 5k base run.

Rollered once I got home. Will it help? I have no idea but it can’t make matters worse.

Need to find my running again. Think a gentle 7k Base to try and feel good about it before Sunday’s long run.

Did an interesting Zwift pyramid session this morning that took up 30mins. Felt quite intense but actually good. Feeling like my bike is getting somewhere now. Tomorrow I think I will throw in a ramp test to see if my FTP as improved as much as I think… I’m in London all day so this will be a good distress before dinner.

Talking of food – weight crisis is under control again after a foray in the worrying lands of being a porky 87.5kg we are back to around 85 today. This being my upper ceiling. As ever the route to solving this was to fire up MyFitnessPal and start tracking again. It just never fails! I think I will stick with the food log now till the final days of taper for D’Huez (essentially from when I travel).

Must start to do something more useful about my bike and run feeding plan….

Also have decided that my trainers are not helping. Neutral is just not right for me as much as try… So if you will excuse me having found some new sunglasses from RXSport I think its time to hit the Brooke’s site and get some trainers that will support. A pro at or.

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