Lead me not into temptation…

…And deliver me from evil. In think the prayer goes? I could even hear the voice in my head (you know the one that suggests you should stop swimming in your red mist set or not cycle because its raining) telling me step away from the computer. But did I listen… Did avoid the errors of my past mistakes?

No, of course not, I entered another bloody race!

Having decided to enter the Anglian Water standard distance at the start of May, I decided that was it. Diary full. No more.

Then I had a minor transgression with the St. George Sportive. But that was easy to post rationalise over. It’s a sportive not a race. It’s just cycling. It supports my training plan as its hilly and long. Therefore it makes sense.

But I wasn’t expecting an email telling me that the general entries for the Eaton Sprints Weekend were about to close in 24hrs… Fear of missing out? Some of my insta friends are going… It’s only short… It’s a lovely location… It might be sunny (now that is f**king desperate!).

Lead me not into temptation? You don’t have to. Apparently I will just jump right in with both feet amidst cries of Yea Ha Cowboy 🙁

Anyone else racing this one in Mid May?


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