New Running Shoes

Should have been the happiest day of my life. Worn out another pair of trainers so just been to a local independent sports shop (who stock Brooks and OC) to buy a new pair… I tried to support the high street… I really did…

First I had persuade the youth to come and help me rather than re-arrange the tennis racquets. Then I train to drag some information out of him about what options there were for wide fit shoes but with less support. Luckily, just before I attached a car battery via jump leads to his testicles he caved and told what I wanted to know.

Then I had the audacity to as to try a pair on. He rolled his eyes, probably displeasure but could have been a mild TIA… He returned with shoes in normal width saying you can’t get them in wide anymore… I felt our relationship had taken a step back.

He offered a different type but none to try…

“We can order them for you”

“But what if I don’t like them when I try them?”

“Dunno… Pretty much stuck with them”

My brain turned to mush in the presence of such a customer focused sales god with the negotiating powers of a true legend.

The internet offers a faceless service and returns procedure…

You will never guess what happened next.

They arrive next Wednesday.


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