With Core Coaching, my most popular package, you benefit from a personalised training plan, developed to focus on your unique needs. Whether you want to run further, faster or improve your fitness, I will be providing you with specialist coaching at an accessible price point.

What’s Included

  • Initial telephone consultation covering
    • Aspirations, goals and concerns
    • Target (races / events / PB’s) within the next twelve months
    • Running history, including injuries and relevant health profiling
    • Other sport and fitness activities, available resources
    • Lifestyle considerations; family & work commitments, training time
    • Current nutrition and eating habits
  • Bespoke, fortnightly training plan based on your goals & commitments delivered via Training Peaks. Timetable to cover:
    • Running fitness training sessions, building on your current ability
    • Tailored running exercises, technique drills and strength & conditioning sets
  • Feedback on each run and as much two-way communication as you require via Training Peaks, WhatsApp or email to provide feedback, guidance and motivation.
  • Complimentary TrainingPeaks Premium Account whilst subscribing to my Core Coaching Package

Set-up fee : £55 includes Initial Consultation & Assessment 

Monthly Coaching Fee : £110 per calendar month (subscription, cancelable at any time).

Additional Services: face to face run sessions from £25 per hour.

Why subscribe to Core
With the core programme you still enjoy personal attention, coaching that is designed around your lifestyle and a holistic approach to making you fitter & more efficient. Removing some of the high performance aspects of detailed regular benchmarking, Nutrition Coaching, Mindset  Coaching and Race Preparation, the Core programme is less time intensive for both of us and therefore can more easily fit into your already busy life, at a more affordable monthly fee.

Getting Started
It is all about getting to know each other and starting to build our coaching relationship. Our starting point is for me to understand what your aspirations and targets are, and to get an insight into your life; how much time you have to train, what resources you have available, injury history, current training and current fitness as well as how you prefer to communicate. This enables me to create a training programme that is tailor made for you. This can include races or other goals, perhaps a charity event or a challenge that is personal to you. Whether your goal is to finish or improve so that you can grab a new personal best time, using your plan and working together we will get there.

Keeping in touch day to day
Using the Training Peaks platform makes it easy and convenient for you to see your training for the day. After each run you can quickly let me know how it felt, what was good and what felt hard. At the same time, I can see all of the data from your run. This means I know exactly how your running is progressing. Using Training Peaks makes it really easy for us to exchange messages and mutual feedback, but we can also keep in touch by WhatsApp or email.

Not just about running.
Because it is never just about running, I provide you with ideas and pointers around nutrition as well as additional guidance on strength exercises that would be more beneficial to your needs.