Programme Details

Work with me as your Fitness Coach, either in person or online, to achieve your fitness, fatloss and lifestyle goals.

One of the best things about working with me privately at your home or remotely, is that we are not overlooked or overheard so we can work closely until you arrive at your goal.

It’s important that we meet for an informal consultation prior to signing up so we can discuss exactly what it is you are looking to achieve from working with me. Once you give me the go ahead, there is a little paperwork to go through and then we get started. It’s really very straightforward.

I specialise in using resistance bands, bodyweight and minimal amounts of equipment. This means we can train virtually anywhere and you will be able to train without the significant cost of a gym membership. If you choose to train online with me, all of the equipment you need can be rented as part of your monthly subscription. As you progress, the equipment can be swapped.

Typically I write a programme every 4 weeks for you to work on  alongside our PT sessions.

Benefits to You

I work hard to offer you a very different training experience to keep you engaged and having fun.

  • Highly varied programme to keep you motivated.
  • Privacy and convenience of training at your home.
  • A bespoke approach so this programme fits you perfectly
  • Simple monthly subscription based on your needs

Nutrition Strategies

No restrictive or fad diets. I offer advice and guidance on adopting a balanced and sustainable approach to eating for real people.  Nutrition Strategies can be added to any Coaching Package.


Learning to execute different exercises safely and competently is a vital first step in your fitness journey. As you progress you will learn more advanced techniques.

Strength & Conditioning

Improve strength, mobility and agility specifically to improve your running or cycling. Specially developed workouts that can be done at home or outdoors. I specialise in resistance bands and bodyweight exercises to create effective strength training for all abilities.

Cardio Fitness

Weather you are seeking event specific fitness or general health and wellbeing improvements, you will benefit from a data led and a structured plan to improve your cardiovascular fitness

Why Choose Us


A qualified L3 Personal Trainer and Boxercise Instructor but also qualified as a Run Coach, Cycle Coach and Swim Instructor. I can offer you the most varied and dynamic approach Personal Training

I utilise Performance Based Coaching to take the guess work and “old wives tales” out of your training. Combining your data, with careful observation and attentive listening, you benefit from a highly effective programme.

Having achieved a significant physical transformation later in life, taken up triathlon in my late forties and trained consistently whilst also holding a senior corporate role, I have very different perspective to many of younger counterparts in the fitness and coaching world. My clients appreciate this and is probably the main reason they choose to train with me.

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