My Premium Coaching package provides comprehensive personal support to ensure you get the right level of challenge, the most enjoyment and importantly the results from your running that you are striving for.

What’s Included

  • Initial Consultation: aspirations, targets / races, athletic history, life-style, constraints, resources, health, current training regimes.
  • Detailed base line assessment: running fitness, running technical analysis, strength and flexibility, physical profiling.
  • Bespoke Periodised Annual Training Plan leading to first A-Race or Milestone
  • Bespoke fortnightly training timetable delivered via TrainingPeaks
    • Run Sessions: including technical and fitness development each week
    • Strength & Conditioning: based on your available equipment
    • “Complimentary Sport”: Variety is important, and this approach is helpful in early blocks
    • Rest Day Activities: What you should be doing on your rest day
  • Regular feedback on training sessions and unlimited two-way communication as you require via telephone, Zoom, TraningPeaks, Instant Message / WhatsApp to provide coaching, feedback elaboration, motivation & guidance on training and progress.
  • Weekly structured training review by telephone or video call
  • Basic advice and guidance on nutrition and calorie/ macro tracking
  • Mindset & Habit Coaching to help you prepare for your races or milestone event
  • Complimentary TrainingPeaks Premium Account whilst subscribing to my Premium Coaching Package

Set-up fee : £100 includes Initial Consultation & Detailed Base Line Assessment 

Monthly Coaching Fee : £195 per calendar month (subscription, cancelable at any time).

Additional Services: face to face run sessions from £25 per hour.

Why subscribe to Premium
The key benefits of this package are personal attention and flexibility. The most important aspect of coaching is regular communication between athlete and coach. Hence, we keep in touch by weekly telephone or video calls. That way you know you are doing the right training at the right time and we can quickly make adjustments to keep you on track. But in addition, as a Premium Athlete, you are able to contact me 7 days a week if you have any concern, are unsure about any aspect of your plan or simply need ask something about your running.

Getting Started
Before your coaching really starts, we get to know each other with a comprehensive assessment. This can be either be face to face or via video call, as well as some online questionnaires. We take an in depth look at you as a runner, including previous training, injury history, running style, strength, flexibility and movement skills. At this stage we will also discuss your goals and priorities as well as time constraints for training and the facilities you have available to you. This then enable me to develop your bespoke training timetable as well as an annualised training plan taking you up to your first major goal. Your detailed weekly timetable includes a lot more than just run sessions; here you will see exactly what you are supposed to be doing each day including rest day.

Keeping in touch day to day
We will be using Training Peaks as our coaching platform. Therefore it is easy and convenient for you to see your training schedule each day and let me know how it went using the Training Peaks app on your phone. To make this even quicker and easier we can connect Training Peaks to your other sports apps, such as Garmin. We can share mutual feedback on each session, usually the day you completed it. Training Peaks makes it easy to review and amend your schedule so you know your training plan is responsive and as a Premium Athlete there is no limit to the number of monthly changes you can request. But more important than the technology is keeping in touch as humans! Premium Athletes can keep in touch by phone, message and email as frequently as they need, so always have advice and guidance to hand.

It’s not just about running
Of course, to improve your running you need to run. But to achieve your full potential you need more than just a running programme. For Premium Athletes I provide a comprehensive programme to develop your strength, improve your running technique, and also support you around nutrition. But there is one other ingredient that you won’t find in any ‘training plan’ and that is around mindset, self-belief and confidence. As we build our Coach / Athlete relationship, my focus is to help you develop the right mindset, increase your self-belief and tackle your goals with confidence.