What’s Included

  • Consultation only‚Äč.

  • Analysis of Pre consultation questionnaires, your recent performance data and video (if possible to record).

  • Face to face, Zoom / Skype or phone Consultation (60 minutes) to discuss your running goals and aspirations, perceived strengths and weaknesses and how to focus your training.

  • We will discussion how to plan and structure training as well as how to analyse data effectively post training.

  • Answering your specific questions on topics such as strength training, mental strategies, recovery, nutrition.

  • Post consultation follow-up document of the discussions and any further information needed; enabling you to take responsibility for your own training programme


  • Cost effective service for runners that require in frequent support in planning and managing their own training programme.
  • Time efficient solution that enables you to benefit from a very focused conversation specifically about your performance and get your questions answered.
  • Highly flexible as you decide the focus that you want the consultation to have.

Nutrition Strategies

Your questions answered about general nutrition strategies for runners. Signposting you to further resources to develop your knowledge further and make more informed decisions regarding your own nutritional strategy.


Analysis of you running video (if supplied) and specific input on areas of technique that would benefit from further development. If no video is available general advice can be provided on areas of technique focus and how to integrate technical development into your training programme.

Strength & Conditioning

We can discuss the role of strength & conditioning in your overall run programme. When to use it and which exercises are particularly helpful for runners. Ideas and input on the basics of programming a set for a runner so that you know where to start and what to do. Your questions answered about exercise form and appropriate equipment.

Run Fitness

During the consultation we will review your recent performance data (within the boundaries of what you are able to provide) and discuss how to train in order to achieve your goals, the improvements you desire and within the time you have available each week. Your questions answered about different types of run session and basic introduction to planning a training block.

Why Choose Ed?

Personal Approach

Supporting you with a friendly professional attitude and using open and honest communication to help you progress. I deliberately work with a small number of runners, in order to be able to build a strong personal understanding of each individual.

Coaching is much more than writing a bespoke training plan! Understanding your motivation, mentoring you and providing guidance that is in context to your lifestyle are the real value you will enjoy from working with me.

My background in Technology and Management give me a strong bias towards using data to underpin decisions. And to understand the science which leads to the data. This is particularly relevant to performance run coaching and helping you realise your full potential.

Working with me, you will be full informed and engaged in all the choices within your training programme. I believe it is essential for adult runners to know the Why and not just the What and How.

Choosing to work with a professional Coach is a significant investment of both time, money and energy, therefore it is important to have very specific goals and a coherent set of milestones to measure you progress with.

I am a very goal centric athlete myself and work well with others that drive on goals too. You will be challenged in the goal setting process, such that the final plan is robust, achievable and meaningful to you. This gives us both the assurance that the investment you are making is worthwhile and will deliver the outcome you are seeking.

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