More than just a Training Plan…

I created the Buddy Subscription, because you don’t neatly fit into a box! You want to do “something”, but you are not sure exactly what. The Internet is full of views, but you know you want a qualified opinion and safe, practical, advice you can trust. I created the Fitness Buddy Subscription with exactly YOU in mind…

Fitness Buddy
"A unique approach to supporting you. Whatever direction you go in!"
  • Tailored Exercise Plan
  • Help With Nutrition
  • Help With Running
  • Help With Cycling
  • Help With Swimming
  • Help with the best Apps
  • Support Through WhatsApp
  • Personalised Fitness Ideas

An innovative and imaginative way to help you get started with “all things” fitness!

Often I speak to people who are really not sure what kind of “Programme” they might want. Or even if that would be right approach for them. They seek advice and guidance on a wide range of topics, but their needs are fluid. Some basic assistance with getting started, being more active, eating better or just what kit to buy!

For some, getting started with running is an ambition. For others losing a few pounds might be their priority.

Becoming a Buddy gives you access to qualified advice, the tools you will need to get started, but MOST IMPORTANT someone to turn to who takes the time to listen offers you a practical helping hand.

FREE 30 minute call

Not sure if this is right for you? Will it cover the sort of help you want? Before signing up you are very welcome to schedule a complimentary 30 minute call to get your questions answered.