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Swimming with my new friend…

Not as exciting as my Garmin virtual training partner, but I suspect that my little CSS toy and I are going to become well acquainted

For those that aren’t familiar a CSS is basically a small metronome that is tucked inside your swim cap and beeps at a constant rate. Three different modes, but I decided to start with the simple stroke rate mode. It beeps and my hand should be entering the water…

Simple… what could possibly go wrong!

Well for the first 100m not much. But then I started to discover how my stroke rate quickly wants to taper off. Also I found that my head turn for breath is slow and breaks the rhythm.

So for a little gadget that only cost £30 or so and can’t talk (!!) it seems to have already taught me much.

The big question of course is trying to figure out what to set it to? I read the booklet that came with it (unprecedented- what is happening to me!!😹) and used the slower end of the freestyle rate. Turns out that was too fast for me to sustain… 🙄

So I set it up in the end at 1:10 and later will look up what this might mean. But it was sustainable.

My plan is to get used to this in my next few Endurance swims and then seek to increase the rate or build a session that does something more exciting…

But for today it was CSS1 at 1:10 for 1000m which gave me a pace of 2:25 / 100 overall… actually 10s faster than my normal pace. Result already 😹